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    I thought it might be nice for members to begin to get to know each other. Although it would be nice for the mods to start, looks like I’ll have to.

    Well, I’m Nimueh (or Nim for short). I’ve not been playing Skyrim long, only the last year or so, and almost instantly started looking at mods for the game. It’s taken me a long time to get the game close to how I like it, and now the only thing it needs to be really complete is a mod like this (just to say, really, really, really looking forward to the animated version!!!).

    In the real world, I’m a flautist, singer, composer and arranger with a passion for fiction writing, to put it all in a nutshell. Being playing the flute for 10 years and currently in 4 orchestras, three of which I am principle. Composition wise, I tend to write in a minimalist sort of style, with a love for Celtic and film music.

    Can’t wait to meet you all!!!


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    Little nervous, but I’ll start.

    Call me Katie, I’m a low-level fantasy nerd that aspires to graduate to LARPing, etc. I’ve been playing Skyrim since senior year of high school, (2013). Unfortunately, I haven’t ever played it on PC, just Xbox and PS3. I tried getting a gaming laptop but I have a stereotypical Asian father who puts becoming something useful to society (i.e., doctor, social worker, etc.) over anything else. I’m currently trying to get a new laptop so I can play and download mods like this one. Mostly found out about this mod from MXRMods and GrimBoozed on Youtube.

    Real life, I’m a film student from the U.S. of A and I have an interest in just about everything. I do tarot fortune reading, and I write fan fiction when I have any sort of inspiration. BUT I’m a perfectionist and I rarely ever release anything on my DA account, unless I legitimately don’t care about it or I took more time to perfect an entry. Like I said, I have a wide variety of interests, from psychology to reincarnation, burlesque to manga. Sci-fi to horror and comedy.

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    I guess I’ll bring my introductions as well… *ahem* WARNING! RAMBLING AHEAD!

    Hello, I’m Rudia, or Ruru for short. I’m from Finland and I’m a videogame/anime/manga/heavy metal geek. I’m a writer… with a really wild imagination… as some of you might have noticed through my…. many stories published on the website and on my DA account.

    How I got into this mess aka project called Skyrim Romance?

    Well, as a friend of fantasy games Skyrim stole my heart when I first started to play it around November 2012, through a lost bet I had with my friends XD Till then I was all “Nope, not gonna play TESV, not ever!” – I was pretty stubborn… because old school games were closer to my heart (like Final Fantasies on SNES and Play Station 1). After awhile I learned about modding the game and I started to browse youtube for good showcases for them. I mostly trusted my friends’ opinions on different mods… Until the day I joined Nexus and when I saw MxR’s review on Skyrim Romance *dramatic drum solo*

    I was BLOWN! Romance in Skyrim?! SIGN ME IN!

    I’m ever the romantic. Never really had it in real life (Real life is the worst MMO ever! Nice graphics tho) so I searched for it in books, movies, stories, games… and then when it was added to my most favourite game of all time – Skyrim that is… funny how my opinions changed overnight…. huh? – I just…. gah…. the feeling was overwhelming. I became a fan and started intensely follow the website and everything.

    When Mara announced Cael to be the next in-depth romance, I was all “YES!!!!” and when they wanted writers…. well… I wanted to participate. I hesitated at first knowing my english isn’t very good and all, but I still wanted to give it a shot. I contacted Mara and asked if I could get in…. and the rest is history <3. I have found amazing friends, I have been able to create something that will last for a long time… I’m having a blast… even though I sometimes feel like I’m useless.

    But enough of that. I’ve rambled enough.

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    Hi I’m Jasmine user name is Setsuna… it means ‘Calm Snow’ in Japanese. I’m currently taking Japanese courses for spoke Japanese. I’m a writer, poet, artist, and lyricist. I’m Writing my first book call ‘Assassin In Chains’ a sample can be found on my profile. I write a lot of poetry on life and working on rewriting them in a book of poems that would be out next year. I draw Anime and working on my first Manga at the moment called Slayer’s Resurrection. As for being a Lyricist I’ve written over 250 song and counting. If Skyrim Romance or Forbidden Love need songs. I have them :3 Also if any music player needs a Lyricist I’ll be to happy to help!

    It’s nice to met everyone and the team is AWESOME and I hope to join the team as a writer and voice actor. Can’t wait! 😀

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    Hello. My name is Jasmine, but you can call me Jas. I live in north-west England and am definitely a video game nerd.
    I stumbled across SRM in December 2014 right before its initial Christmas day release and was instantly hooked. I’m hoping to join the team and be a voice actor on Forbidden Love and I currently manage the BTVA casting call page for AlassinSane. I’m also attempting to write ReaderXBishop fanfictions so ideas would be great!
    Great meeting you all!

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    Hello my name is Mara,

    I’m here to have fun,create things and make new friends.  I’m very passionate when it comes to art.  I have my BA in Graphic Design and Studio Art.  I started Skyrim Romance about two years ago in hopes of making something for female players.  I love stories that make your heart flutter and catch your breath.  My idea was to make a romance novel that was in video game form.  As more development and community comes to this website I hope to meet all of you and become wonderful friends!

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    Hi! My name’s Kylie, but I usually go by the name of Naeya online.

    I’m 20 years old, and a (kind of) college student! I’m a huuuuuuge fan of the TES series and medieval fantasy in general. I found the mod while watching one of MxR’s videos, which I immediately had to stop so I could experience the mod myself without any spoilers! I’m big into modding, and love exploring new mods! SRM was by far the greatest mod I’ve ever experienced. ♥

    It’s so wonderful to meet everyone!


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    I’m ChelleyPam.  At 42 I’m far too old to be playing video games but I do anyway.

    I have far too many hobbies, including writing fiction, making bead and chain maille jewelry, music (playing, listening, singing and writing), old school paper and dice RPGs, reading and cooking.

    Otherwise I’m not very interesting.  Nice to meet you all.

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    I’m 42.. a Londoner living in Michigan and i love all things elder scrolls, fallout and final fantasy.

    I’ve been playing games since i was 10 (i had a zx spectrum.. earliest game i remember playing is jet set willy.. yeah i’m that old haha) Went through a phase of resident evil and silent hill games but rpg/open world games are what i love.


    I knit.. a lot (been knitting since my Mum taught me when i was 8) and i love music, Metallica, Lacuna Coil, Within Temptation.. anything goth rock, rock, love 80’s too! (and 60’s)

    My dog Jak is literally my best friend.. he sits with me when i’m gaming and sleeps with me every night  <3

    I don’t think you’re ever too old for gaming and this mod is freaking amazing and i couldn’t play Skyrim without Bishop now!


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    Ello! my name is kaity! but i go by 3 different names (smiliar but hey)

    Im 17 years old going on 18 in 2 weeks, born originally from England now living in New Zealand, I been a skyrim addict for years and I stream skyrim on my twitch quite oftern, My dream is to make my career out of gaming, I feel if my life had nothing to do with gaming, I would be a shell and feel empty inside which hence getting back to streaming has been amazing and my view/follower rate is coming in at full pace, I hope out of it one day I will be a full timer on it, but this year my goal is to hit 10kfollowers (If your interested My twitch is on my profile 🙂 )

    I discovered skyrim romance through xMMo and I was hooked instantly, its so tender and hits me so hard the dialogue and the characters, Im loving the community so far and the fan fiction is so addictive to read please keep up the good work!

    But there isnt much to say about me, I really just revolve around the PC, I hope to make some good friends out of this community! <3

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    My name is Emmanuelle, I’m french, I’m 44 years old.

    I played to the video games since … hum … 20 years and I infected my son that goes to the web designer studies.

    Skyrim, TESO, The witcher3 are my favourite games.

    I look forward the animated version 🙂


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    Allo allo allo!

    My name is Tara as you’ve probably all heard by now and in two weeks I will be 19! @rageykaity do we share the same birthday? o.o
    I’m 100% British and live in the North. (Of England, not Scotland. Just a disclaimer so my Scottish friends don’t hunt me down and kill me Taken-style.)

    I only really started extending my video game playing in the past year because before then I only had a 2006 laptop that was NOT meant for gaming. Up until I got my beast of a gaming PC, my gaming consisted of Oblivion, Skyrim, The Sims 3 and some PlayStation 3 games. Which sucked because I cannot button mash to save my life. I was the worst Batman (Arkham City) to ever exist.
    The first time a game really blew my mind with storytelling capabilities was when I took a chance on Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. They are cinematic games in that you move the main character throughout the current scene and interact through rapid button-pressing scenes and the outcomes were very dependant on your choices/failures-to-press-in-time. Heavy Rain was a noir detective murder mystery and Beyond: Two Souls was a supernatural sci-fi with aspects of the army, intelligence services, the homeless, Native Americans and an unexpected stellar cast of Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe. After that came Mass Effect and Dragon Age and, well, I was sold on this interactive choice-dependant and customisable type of storytelling forever.

    I always was dead set against becoming a (novel) writer despite any encouragement because I hated how lonely it was. But with what this mod has allowed me to do, not just writing for a game but learning all aspects of how this type of project works, befriending and working with all types of people from actors to leaders to programmers and musicians, it’s really made me realise that this is the career I want.

    My favourite animal is a horse, my favourite colour is the blue plastered all over this website (sorry not sorry!), I am terrified of spiders and I LOVE humour of all kinds. Sarcasm is the best, though. Coding is as equally terrifying to me as spiders and The Beatles are my #1 favourite thing in the world, tied with Lord of The Rings, films by Christopher Nolan and Howl’s Moving Castle.


    And that’s me! So fun hearing about you all in this thread! ^^

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