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    Um, Hi everyone!

    My name is Huda but I’m cool with being called Ender. I’m 21 and I just found this mod 2 days ago and wwwwooooowwww I am in love with it!

    I’m a gamer, baker, and artist. I’m currently going to college and I hope to become a storyboard artist or an art therapist in the future.

    I’m pretty new to the who modding thing, I just started last month. I’m already becoming obsessed with it. Skyrim Romance has to be my absolute favorite mod, I love everything about it! I can’t wait to see what new things will be added in the hopefully near future.

    As much as I love Skyrim I also love Overwatch and a bunch of Nintendo games. I play a lot of the Tales of games and the Tall Tale game franchise, mostly the Walking Dead games.

    I’m still pretty new to this whole forum thing and I just hope I don’t do anything that would make anyone feel bad. I hope we can all get along!

    Nice to meet you all!~

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    Is this still a thing?

    Um… Hello. I guess?

    Forgive me if I come off a little awk-wierd. I’m not good at this sort of thing.

    Where to begin? Lets see… Uh… I live on the East Coast of the USA. But no where neat or interesting like New York. No, I’m a little farther south in North Carolina. Um… I just celebrated my 25th birthday last week. Yay me. I tend to say things that come off mean since I have little patience for people, but I truly don’t mean it that way.

    I’m a gamer, and not just video games, I love Dungeons and Dragons. Other than Gaming, I like to make sweets, like cake, pie, and candies. Also, anime – don’t really need a explanation for that one, do I? I used to be really into drawing, sketching, and writing, but fell out when I got a pretty demanding job that had me working in other states. But since I no longer have said job, I’ve been trying to get my motivation back.

    Um… I go to Xcon in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina every year and cosplay. I’m not very good at it, but hey, it’s fun. So far I have Tifa Lockhart (FFVII), Kagome (Inuyasha), Kim Possible (Disney cartoon), and Ariel (the Little Mermaid) in my trunk to name a few. I love going to Cons because its so much fun to be recognized and hear people call out to you for a picture. I also love meeting up with another cosplayer of the same character and seeing how they put their own creative flair in the costume.

    Anyway, I’ve been modding Skyrim for about two years now and just found SRM about a month? ago, maybe two? It was accidental, as my friend just built a gaming tower and I was helping him search and set up his mods. He streams on twitch and sometimes – rarely – asks me to review mods beforehand to make sure he can use them on the site. So I downloaded it and was instantly in love.

    Hopeless romantic that I am, this mod inspired me to start working on my Skyrim fanfic. On a whim I went to DeviantArt and began looking up SRM fanart and was blown away – Looking at you, Avis. I had no idea that the community for this mod was so big and talented. And reading all the comments, you guys are so freaking nice to each other and I love that. Maybe I could be a part of it?

    To end the ramblings of me, I’m hoping that if I participate in the site, read your ideas and see your art, it’ll help me get my motivation back. (Also, I’ve been a creeper for like a week and found a bunch of platforms SRM is on, like Facebook, Youtube, and such, so you’ve probably noticed me)

    I may or may not post much, but know I’ll be in the corner over here fangirling with a squee.

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    Just wanted to say Hi to everybody! My name is Astrid and I’m from Germany. I’m 50 years old and I love crocheting, walking my dogs – and playing and modding Skyrim! I totally love Skyrim Romance, Bishop is by far the best and most fun follower ever! Have a great time, everyone!

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    Hello everyone, I’m Morgan from a large US East Coast city. When I’m not at work (non-profits are nice to work for except for the hours and pay), gaming is my go-to stress relief and has been my preferred method of relaxation since I was in 3rd grade. Been an Elder Scrolls fan/addict since Morrowind. While I would deny it if you asked me irl, I’m a complete sap for romance. I have shipped some truly questionable things over the course of my life. No regrets.

    I’m afraid I’m not especially artistically inclined so I won’t be able to contribute anything that way but look forward to participating elsewhere.

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    I’m a longtime lurker and decided to finally make an account. While I don’t have a gaming PC and can’t play the mod myself, yet (PS4 player), I really enjoy it through watching other peoples’ playthroughs on YouTube (like Grim Boozed, Rylee, and Ruru Jahi, who are all super entertaining to watch!) I was inspired decided to write a fanfiction, which is posted both here and on Wattpad under “canis118”. The mod looks like a lot of fun, and the community here always seems so welcoming and friendly, which isn’t as common as it should be on the internet! I hope to one day soon be able to play the mod myself so that I can participate more! I love video games, of course, writing, dogs, hiking, and I’m finally getting around to learning computer coding- if anyone has any tips for me on that last one, I’d love to hear them; I’m taking free online courses and starting completely from scratch!

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    Hello everybody!

    I created an account on this lovely website a few days ago and just wanted to say hi and that i’m looking forward to interact with the community 😀

    Other than that, my name is Felicia (but i go by the name sapphire online) and im 21 years old and from Sweden. I love video games whereas my favourite of all times are the Tomb Raider series, and after that probably Skyrim! I actually stumbled upon Skryim Romance not too long ago whilst browsing the nexus, and i gotta say how much i love this mod! 😀 It has really put a new atmosphere into my gameplay which i am thrilled to experience over and over. Just can’t get enough Bishop! >W<

    Anyway, i’m looking forward to getting to know you all! 😀

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