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    WARNING TO ALL MY READERS: This chapter will have strong language, violence partial gore, blood and in the end Sexual adult content which refers to nudity, sex and all that comes with a couple. Please bear in mind this could have been with a hell of a lot more details and description of what they have done, how it was done, but as I am getting back into this sort of thing it lacks a bit but with time will get better even.



    Chapter Three: Facing Nightmare’s, dealing with the past


    We finally arrived at the entrance to Thon’s hideout/cave I felt Bishop’s hand on my shoulder, bringing me to a complete stand still a halt as it were. I wasn’t sure what he wanted or how this would actually go, I just know Thorn had to die, his men had to die before anymore women ended up raped and tortured or worse ended up dead.

    “Back what happened back there Princess, what did happen? You seemed to become very ill when I mentioned my past, when I mentioned Thorn’s name. Want to tell me about it?” Bishop asked and there it was his nose in my business where it did not really belong.

    “No, and do not fucking ask again, if you do I will kick you right between the legs right in your too small balls Bishop. This conversation is over am I clear?” I said coldly with next to no emotion showing this was a very sore subject for me, a very painful source of all my nightmares, mistrust of all men and my need to be as cold hearted and my need to armor of dragon scales as my flesh, to not let anyone crack the very armor I use in spirit to protect myself, to unlock the cage my heart resides in.

    “FINE!! to oblivion with you woman, I was trying to see if you were okay, if you by chance wanted to talk about it to ease some of the pain. Forget I asked anyways.” I shook my head and listened to him growl and grumble under his breath I understood every word.

    “Stupid wench, damn bitch.” I cocked an eyebrow did he just seriously call me a bitch? a wench? He had some nerve, I now grew steadily angry. I walked up to Bishop and without thinking doubled my fist and punched him right in the god damn mouth knocking him on his fool ass. Then I walked to him looking down at him as I placed a booted foot to his throat.

    “You ever call me a Bitch or a wench again Bishop there will not be enough prayers or men in this world to save your ass, you will find yourself clear across the continent of Skyrim. And then I will come after you and you will see the full power of this dragonborn this bitch as you called me. Fair warning RANGER!” I growled and then moved away smirking no man was going to call me a bitch, not even call me a wench, I was not some common whore, or woman that let men paw at her or bed here when they desired it.

    “OH and by the way Ranger Boy, my life is not your fucking concern, your past this man Thorn brought up bad memories again which are none of your business got that? the concern is appreciated and slightly wanted, but do not pry into my affairs that are not your business.” I growled and went into the hideout The sooner this was done the sooner we could get out of here.

    If he honestly wished to know he was going to find out sooner than he thinks specially going after Thorn. I covered my head and face with both a cowl and mask, I didn’t want Thorn recognizing me right off. Not until he was ready to meet his daedra of Oblivion. When we entered the cave we dispatched a few bandits, going further into this cave, this dungeon which honestly suited Thorn and his band of thugs. Soon we opened the last door and there they were, standing around like a bunch of stupid fools lost in a room.

    “Well, well look who decided to show his face boys, and you came bearing a gift. A peace offering perhaps?” Thorn’s voice grated on my nerves made my blood boil and made my skin crawl he was a very bad man, and he was going to die.

    “Well if it isn’t Thorn, the last time we fought I ended up putting you down to the ground, and the last time we spoke all you could do was brag about the women you conquered The Lady is mine Thorn, you can not have her unless I get something out of this deal.” I heard Bishop say was he seriously thinking of betraying me, after I gave him a second chance. I listened more to these assholes speak.

    “She is a woman Bishop, they are soft and delicate and serve their purpose. She will serve her purpose on my furs tonight, whether she likes it or not. And when we are done with here me and my boys that is I will turn her in for the bounty on her head. The gold will have me, I mean us set up for life.” Now Thorn had gone and said the wrong god damn thing. I curled my fingers on both hands into a tight fist. There was a razor sharp dagger strapped to my back and i was itching to use it to slit Thorn’s throat.

    “Again what do I get out of this arrangement Thorn, I did bring the Dragonborn after all. What do I get for bringing you such a peace offering? Surely there is something in it for me?” at that very moment my blood ran as cold as ice, the color drained from my face and my anger grew into rage. Was he fucking serious? was this Bishop’s intention all along?

    “Oh maybe I will let you have some fun with her, but when me and my boys are done of course. Stories of how I conquered the dragonborn will told for centuries to come, how I managed to capture her from the likes of you a peace offing, that came from a man who cares for nothing but himself. Now let us get a good look at our little mouse here, the Dragonborn Shall we?” I backed away the look in my eyes was sheer blood raged hatred, here stood the son of a bitch who razed my village my home to the ground, killed my family and friends, then when I was 14 kidnapped me and ended up raping me mercilessly for 6 months, well him and his men.

    “Come now little mouse, show us that pretty face, let us just who you really are. What secrets that mask and hooded cowl hide from us like a thief.” His voice damn near made me sick, well it had made me sick I should say, with a muffled voice I spat no growled at him.

    “Over my dead and decaying corpse Thorn, you will never get that close to me again. Just try it and both you and your thugs will be dead and hit the ground before you even touch me.” I said I was not about to let this sewer skeever touch me ever again.

    “GET her boys!” before they could get close enough I drank a potion of invisibility and vanished. I was no fool I moved muffled up behind Thorn drew my dagger that was laced with Nightshade poison from its resting place on my back. I grabbed Thorn’s arms and twisted them behind his back forcefully enough to break ever bone within them then reached round and placing my dagger to his jugular vein.

    “Make one fucking move against me and Thorn here dies, no games no regrets. Bishop get your ass over here and remove my head gear NOW!” I bellowed and he done what I told him, Thorn’s men stayed a few back as well. I looked to each of them, scars visible and one white eye.

    “Remember me Thorn? the little girl whose village you razed to the ground, whose family you sons of bitches murdered? For 6 months of my life I endured your merciless rape of me, you beatings, your foul stench all over me. I WAS ONLY 14 YOUR SICK BASTARD. How does it feel to be at this end of a little mouse’s blade, at the end of an Assassin’s blade?” I growled and sometimes loudly at points. the look on Bishop’s face was pure anger, wasn’t sure if that anger was at me Thorn or both.

    “So the mere mention of his name, the thought of seeing him again, this is what made you sick? what made you faint in appearance? that caused you all that back n Falkreath? Why didn’t you say something, why did you not tell me Princess? Bishop said and my anger itself grew more dangerous in intensity.

    “What? Tell you that a Man you fucking knew, that you had fucking dealings with, raped me, causes all my nightmare’s, my pain? The man that Razed my village to the ground by fire, raped tortured and killed the women children and men of the same village? The man that killed my fucking parents all as I hid and watched? Uh, I just fucking couldn’t Bishop and well now you know part of it, just shut up.” I said and he started to say something else which was NOT a good idea.

    “NOT another word Bishop, do not make me regret giving you another change, do not make this any harder on me or yourself. Thorn’s life belongs to me, is mine to Snuff out not yours.” Bishop said nothing he stood back and let me be.

    “So my little mouse comes home, and she just happens to be the mighty dragonborn, the vanquisher of all skyrim’s evil all its foes. I do not regret taking what was innocent, what was a bandit’s right to take. do not regret what we did my little mouse. You were so sweet, so innocent, and yet you felt so good. You fought under me and I relished in that the fight made it all the more worth taking you against your will.” His words sank in and all it caused was that much more to be drained from my very body, the emotion I once held now became still, became non-existent.

    “And this savior this vanquisher of all evil has come to end your miserable life Thorn, to snuff out the very life you now hold. Before you die you will feel pain and you will see the darkness this slayer has inside, this once pure soul turned dark, so dark that even evil shudders at my name. You will never again rape another woman Thorn, you will never again raze another village.I think I will remove your cock and balls while you still breathe.” I laughed almost insanely, being dark and emotionless right now was not a good thing both Bishop and Thorn’s thugs all moved a few steps back, as if my laughter and look had scared them stupid.

    “Go ahead and try it bitch and you will be dead before you can even get your dagger low enough. I see that time has made you extremely bitter. I just do not understand why you are wandering around with a man who only cares about himself? who only cares about a fuck ooze and and a means to get a few coins in his pocket.” Thorn threw back at me, his words were all it took, all that needed to be said. I knew I wasn’t nice, but Thorn deserved no mercy, no chance to redeem himself as he would never change. I reached down under his armor and with the swift motion of my dagger his private bits namely his cock and balls fell to the stone floor with a sickening “squish” I leaned close.

    “Be a good little boy Thorn and tell My Lord Sithis hello for me would you. Rest in the flames of hell and oblivion Thorn.” Before he could utter another word that same dagger slid across his throat from eat to ear and he slipped lifeless blood spiriting everywhere as he fell to the floor dead as a draugr in ruin.

    “BISHOP, help me get these bastards, no one leaves this room alive.” I ordered like a Soldier in the army, one that commanded his or her troops. After a manner of moments maybe minutes in a fury or arrows and blades the men laid dead in a mess of blood guts and out right gore. Myself I was covered head to toe in blood and guts. I seemed to draw energy from this from death as I do the dragon souls I absorb.

    “I TRUSTED YOU BISHOP!! I came here with you because we both had a score to settle with Thorn. YOU wanted to fucking hand me over to him to betray me? and for what? Gold? Booze? a good fuck? maybe a god damn fucking story to boast about? How you conquered the Dragonborn, how you forced yourself on her? to stab me in the back for kicks? WELL WHICH IS IT JACKASS?” I fumed and I was as angry as a pissed off daedra, to think he even considered handing me over to that son of a bitch.

    “I said that to buy us time Princess, to give us an edge an advantage. I would never have handed you over to a man like that hell or any woman. And you should have told me about knowing him.” He said and it only made me even angrier.

    “OH BULLSHIT Bishop, you lie as easily as you shot a fucking arrow, Just get the fuck away from me, just fucking damn well go. I don’t think I can allow myself to trust you. Please just fucking leave me alone forget I even exist. Men are all alike, all they want is sex, booze coin and a story to brag about, and you are no different Bishop and you all will never change. Because of Thorn I can not stand the touch of a man, any man, the thought of having sex with a man makes me sick.” I walked away not once looking back, I left Bishop standing in the midst of all that carnage.

    I honestly thought that laying my rapist to rest would help, laying his thugs to rest, but alas it only made things worse. It severely fueled my hatred, my distrust of men, my disgust at feeling their touch. I knew this would only make despair worse, make the melancholy I felt worse. Eventually it would kill me, destroy me completely, it would destroy and kill my very heart and my very soul. Once out side I shouted.

    “ODAHVIING!!!” soon the thunderous beating of wings came, soon my Dov Brother landed in a flurry of dust. He lowered his head and I climbed on, at that Moment Bishop came barreling out of the cave just in time to watch me fly off on Odahviing’s back.

    “Take me away from here My Brother, before this world consumes what is left of me, before it destroys my heart and soul.” I nestled into Odahviing’s scales curling up much as a wolf pup does when he sleeps. My Dragon brothers always made me feel safe, more than Bishop ever could.

    “there is no end to your suffering I see my Sister, I do not want to see you die because of it. It pains all of us Dov to see one of our, to see you in such pain Dovahkiin.” I listened as he spoke, yawned softly he was right however a Dov should not have to feel such pain and yet i do even if I am no true Dov i carry the blood and soul of a Dov.

    My past finally caught up with me Odahviing, the man I love knew my past’s tormentor, please do not ask me about it. I will find a way to get past this, to heal before it completely destroys me. I promise Odahviing.” I said softly as I started to drift off to sleep nestling more into the scales of my Brother Dov.

    Odahviing just flew the skies of Nirn, for what seemed like forever, I had been asleep to heal to get some rest. Soon we arrived back in Riverwood, he let me off after nudging me gently awake with his snout which in turn I placed a kiss upon. He seemed to growl in contentment. I walked to the sleeping giant inn but not before I watched Odahviing fly off. I drank one of my Invisibility potions and then went inside listening.

    “You should forget her handsome and come with me .I am willing to share my bed with you.” The wench said and she had some nerve after i threatened her a few times.

    “Back off Whore if you lay one hand on him or even go near him I will remove both of your hands and then I will lay you to rest in the ground. Bishop belongs to me, he is MINE! not yours, not anyone’s but mine got it? I dare any woman to touch him and see what happens. Orgnar pack up your finest meats, herbs cheeses berries and the likes with a few bottles of your best Nordic mead would you please.” he nodded as I finished speaking I looked to Bishop as i tossed a well full coin purse to Orgnar for the goods.

    “Ladyship I was worried about you when you flew off on that Dragon again. Are you alright love? You do not look so well. I promise you that I would never have give you over to Thorn or let him and his thugs hurt you.” Bishop said he sounded so Sincere so concerned, but I could not afford to throw caution to the four winds and I could not risk giving him my blind trust again.

    “your concern is appreciated Bishop, Odahviing would not let anything happen to me, and no I am not alright and I honestly don’t know if I ever will be again. Come with me Bishop we need to talk,. There is more you need to know and there will be no more secrets, no more lies and no more hiding things.” Orgnar handed ,me the Knapsack with all I asked and paid for then Bishop and I left the inn.

    “Bishop, when Thorn and his thugs raped me all those months i ended up pregnant, but after I escaped one night as were piss ass drunk I made my way to the rift. I survived alone, I had have actually survived on my own since I was 7 years old. I learned to be a thief, an Archer a hunter and so on even the schools of magic and alchemy. I even taught myself enchanting black smithing and things that could earn money if i needed it. A month after I escaped I learned i was pregnant. I wasn’t watching where i was going and I stumbled into a huge nest of Frostbite spiders, I was severely poisoned. I lost the baby. When I woke up I was being cared for a Mage couple, a husband and wife who happened to be healers, who had just happened to come across me outside the cave where the nest of spiders were.” I said, and I was not even close to being done yet, there was no sense in hiding my past anymore. Bishop began to speak and i swiftly silenced him.

    “No let me finish Bishop. They died a few months later, they had been murdered, they had been like a second set of parents to me, the woman Svenya had been raped and tortured, she had been mutilated. When I went back to them to see if they needed anything I saw her body, I knew that Thorn and his men had done it. I knew they they had been trying to hunt me down, coming after me so i ran. I made it as far as the gates of Riften, I collapsed at the moment Brynjolf had decided to come back to Riften off a job. He found me and took me back to the Guild and made sure I was treated for any and all injuries. Mercer Frey had allowed me to stay as a sibling to the others. Even they never knew how young I was, yet they protected me, honed my skills and took care of me. I owe them much more than even you realize.” I took a deep breath before I continued to tell Bishop my past, the reason I am the way I am the person I am today.

    “But before all of this Bishop, my village was sacked and razed to the ground, women were raped and tortured, beaten and murdered, but not before they were mutilated horribly. I spent three weeks alone, burying them all and I was only 7 fucking years old Bishop.After that I lived on my own, did things on my own, learned most all my skills being alone on my own Bishop. I can not stand the touch of a man, the thought of a man even wanting to bed me makes me want to run, to kill him. So do not expect me not to be rude when you comment about my body, wanting me to sleep with you anything like that. Do not even expect me to be nice and not say something or even get angry when you try and get me to have sex. It won’t happen Bishop, not now maybe not ever.” I said he knew the truth of the whole thing now and yet i still felt like shit, felt inhuman, no sub-human at best, as if everything was my fault.

    “I don’t know what to say Ladyship, except that i am sorry he done all of that too you, I can understand your hatred, your anger even. I would never force you to lay with me, only hope that you would allow me to protect you, allow me to keep you warm, and safe. But even I know that is not going to be possible Princess. I will however keep you as safe and as warm as i can while you heal, while you tend to your wounds.” Bishop said, I just felt so alone right now. I could not even allow myself to trust him right now specially after that display of stupidity and bullshit with Thorn. I could not honestly afford to risk anything where Bishop was concerned, he is a man after all and men as well as some women Lie cheat steal and get what they want out of things in life and to hell with who they damn well hurt. They were all about themselves and to hell with anyone else. ………



    -Several hours later – “Barthdamz Ruins” – The reach-



    I had taken on the mission to deal with an Elf named Orchendor, from Kesh the Clean a Khajiit and The Daedric Lord Peryite. He had betrayed to the Daedric Lord and well that would not stand or go unpunished, I agreed to become Peryite’s Champion, as I had with Azura and Merida both. And yes i have become the Champion of a few of them as well and have been threatened by The Vigilant of Stendarr. Much to Bishop’s regret i help others, specially the Daedric Princes, which really annoys the fuck out of him.

    Together we have taken/cleared out almost all of the Afflicted, and damned near all of the dwemer machinations we come or have came across in this ruin. I love exploring old Dwemer ruins so much history, Dwarven culture as well as finding treasure, and dwemer artifacts. Some I melt down into Ingots for various things others I sell to Calcelmo in Markarth. He is a scholar of the Dwemer culture.

    We have finally reached the end of the ruins and I came face to face with Orchendor himself. We exchanged glances and I called upon the Arcane and dark magics I knew.

    “Your life has come to an end Orchendor, Lord Peryite has sent me to deal with you and your disobedience and betrayal. Die knowing I send you to your consigned place in Oblivion.” I said gave him no time to even utter a single word, with a swift motion of hands, a said prayer to the Daedric Lords and he was dead by dark magic, a crackling sound followed by a flash of dark black fire and light a dark being came from the floor of the ruin and as if nothing engulfed the body of Orchendor and took from that body his very soul. Bishop stood there in horror at what i had done.

    “What the hell in oblivion have you done Princess? Is that necromancy?” he asked an now I had to explain even more of my dark past. Somethings were honestly better left alone But I promised him no more secrets and no more lies as well as no more hiding things.

    “Bishop, it is a form of Dark magic of necromancy aye, but you must understand I am more than a Champion to the Daedric Princes, to the dark ones as well as the light ones. I made an Agreement with the Princes long ago when I was on my own, when Thorn done what he had. I was only 7 yes, But I knew what i was asking for, what I was agreeing too. I offered my Services as a Champion to them all I offered my loyalty to them as well, in exchange for my life, I almost died from the loss of my family. And when i decide too if I decide too Lord Molag Bal has offered me eternal life as a vampire a pure blood vampire. In return I was granted with the deadliest and strongest of Dark magic and of necromancy.” I said he seemed a tad angry but he stayed at my side.




    -Hours later – “The Shrine of Peryite.”



    “I have done what you asked of me My Lord Peryite, the elf Orchendor is dead and his soul consigned to oblivion. is there anything I can do, any way I can be of further Service M”Lord?” i said as he appeared once more for the final time.

    “No, you have done well and as I have asked My Champion, I am sure the other Princes wish your service and you Loyalty as I have. This is a gift a reward for your service the Shield is known as Spell Breaker, it shall compliment Prince Meridia’s Dawnbreaker. Go now in peace my Champion knowing I shall always watch over you.” he was gone The reach is a beautiful place, yet it can be very deadly, very dangerous you have to watch your footing or you might just end up dead.

    Each day i listen to Bishop’s rude ass snide comments about the forsworn, I have no issues with them, they all consider me “friendly” as one of them. I had gone to them when I was young, our village gad traded with them. They even know what happened the whole story too. That reminds me I should visit each of the Tribes Chieftain’s and inform them that my past is finally laid to rest. That should really piss Bishop ioff royally to know I am part of the forsworn. Its the little comments, the rude ones that really piss me off.



    -A year and a half later – “Autumnwatch Tower.”-



    “YOR TOL SHUL!!!” I shouted right directly at the frost dragon that roosted atop the Autumnwatch tower’s word wall. My Thu’um brought the the huge dragon crashing to the ground, with a thunderous Nirn shaking thud, he was bloodied badly and with a swift fast pace movement and a burst of adrenaline induced speed i ran towards the lumbering flying lizard and with a sword swipe I leaped onto its massive head.

    Slashing and using well placed, well timed sword strikes I bloodied the beast greatly, finally with a swift movement again I raised my blade above my head, tip down i plunged my razor sharp sword down into it head right into is massive skull. I decimated the dragon, consigning him to his death. I leaped down with a skilled flip of my body landing on my feat in a crouched manner awaiting the dispersement of his soul, waiting for that painful invasion of my body that leaves me breathless and one more dragon soul stronger and wiser.

    I groaned in pain as the dragon’s soul invaded my body, my very being as i became progressively stronger the souls and words of power became more painful to me, much more than when I had first started with the word of power in Bleak Falls Barrow.

    “Are you alright Love? that looked painful, anything this Ranger can do for his lady ranger?” Bishop asked softly he himself could only imagine my anguish, my pain. I was the only one who endured it.

    “Make camp my love, I need to sleep i can not go on like this, not right now. That one hurt worse than the last, drained me worse than normal.” I said painfully before i nearly collapsed from exhaustion.

    “just hold on Raeshara I will have it done soon love. You really need to slow down on hunting dragon’s before it kills you. I will not watch my Lady Ranger fall to one of those damned beasts.” Bishop had a point I have been rather insane with my dragon slaying these past few months. This day alone 9 dragons have fallen to my blade alone.

    “Alright Bishop i will slow down and you are right if I don’t slow down it will eventually kill me. I love you Bishop.” I said maybe it was time to rest more do some hunting and fishing as well as just relax. Maybe I am also ready to lay with Bishop, with my Ranger. He has more than proven himself, has earned my trust again.




    -Hours Later- “Our Camp”-



    I wandered off towards the lake to bathe, i was filthy and well i just needed a good bath. I grabbed some of the homemade lavender and snowberry soap I had made and this was how i was going to get clean and smell like I should instead of like rotten flesh and old dead blood. I maybe this worlds hero as it were but there was no sense in being filthy to the point that others stare. The cool water felt nice, so nice that I had not noticed Bishop sitting on the bank watching me, he was my protector after all, the only man i allowed to love me and allowed myself to love.

    “You really are beautiful Raeshara. But where in oblivion did all those scars come from? Surely they are not all battle forged, or hunter related. No matter i love you no matter what. No matter the burden’s you faced or will face.” Bishop said now he noticed the scar’s left behind, caused by Thorn and his thugs, by their transgression’s against me.

    “Simple Bishop they are a result of thorn and his men’s torture of me, their beatings of me. They are reminders, but not so bad anymore. Care to join me Bishop, i think you could use a bath also.” I said without being rude, and without an unkind word. I felt it was the right moment to allow Bishop and I to become closer, to become more intimate as it were.

    “I am so sorry Raeshara, I knew what you had told me, i just never knew he had caused you so much pain in this way. Of course, I would love to join you my love. Are you sure you are ready for where this might lead in the end?” I smiled he caught on rather fast to my meaning, to my intentions.

    “It okay Bishop and thank you for not pushing the issue, that says a lot towards how much you care about me, that you were and are sensitive to my needs and well being. Of course I am sure Bishop, you have more than proven yourself to me, have earned my trust again. I know it has not been easy, that I have not been easy to get along with. You have also more times than I can count have placed yourself literally between me and a lot of dangerous foes Bishop. Bishop I want you to lay with me tonight, make , make love to me please Bishop.” I was quite sure I was ready every time I look at Bishop I ache, I long to feel the touch of his hands trailing my curves, taking me, making me his Lady Ranger.

    “If you are absolutely sure love I will lay with you tonight and every night for the rest of our lives. I will make love to you tonight. I love you so much Raeshara.” I smiled gently placing my palm against his cheek, leaning closer then kissing him deeply. At that moment he picked me up into his arms and carried me to our tent, walked inside laid me gently down onto the furs and then secured the flap. I watched as his nude form walked back to the furs, how he knelt down, his lips grazing each part of my inner thighs, both of them.

    I moaned softly, Bishop moved up over me, his lips kissing the soft flesh of my abdomen, slowly trailing upward, stopping to kiss each firm hardened nipple, then I felt him kissing my neck, my bare throat, then continuing upward, over my chin until his lips rested against my own. I could feel Bishop use the strength of his lower body to move and settle between my thighs. I could feel the head of his hardened shaft against the soft and lightly dew covered petals of my own aroused aching womanhood. My heart began to beat faster, thudding inside my chest, my breathing became rapid shallow and at a steadily heavy pace telling Bishop in a silenced tone of voice a beating of fury of flustered excitement that I was ready. That I wanted him to make love to me.

    I felt as Bishop reached down between our two bodies, between my thighs, I could feel his fingers gently, softly parting the sweetly dew covered petals of my womanhood. At that sudden most blissful moment, that very second in time that now seemed to have come to a stand still, to a slow crawl, I felt Bishop claim my body, announcing to the world to us both that i was his Lady Ranger, I felt him in moment of hunger and desire slipped past those petals and enter my body. He was not exactly small either. I whimpered softly, small like telling him in an unspoken word to be easy.

    “I wont hurt you my love, I promise.” in that moment his own breath was ragged and shallow, his heart was racing as fast as mine was, I felt his words, I could feel every part of him against me and it was like being hit with a mage’s lightening bolt.

    “Don’t tease me Bishop, by the Gods and Divines don’t. Just make love to me already please.” I almost whimpered again the feeling was like nothing I had ever felt before, It was like being inside pure bliss, like being on fire well almost it was threatening to consume my very soul. Bishop took the hint when I gently thrust upward against him, taking the rest of his length inside of me. I smiled as I heard Bishop groan, that moment my soft delicate petals molded around snugly to his extremely hardened shaft, holding fast and tight for that exact moment. Bishop slid his hands up under my ass lifting me slightly as he began to thrust gently at first each moment that passed his pace quickened. Soft moans began to fill the tent, the nights darkness around us. Not long after Bishop’s hips moved faster, harder, that caused sensations within me I never knew existed, that I had never felt before.

    “OH Bishop.” Were the only words i could utter, even those words were breathless and labored. Our bodies moved in synchronous harmony. My own freely moving up then down against the furs, our bodies trembling fiercely and beaded with little droplets of sweat. I moaned loudly, this time, I heard Bishop groan, each thrust felt as if I was being pounded mercilessly, but in a good way. Bishop placed each of my legs over his shoulders and pushed as far forward as he could placing my legs against me, Bishop’s thrusts became more forceful, much more intense and that much faster. I could feel his hardened shaft throbbing inside of me.



    -Several heated hours later.-



    I wasn’t sure how much longer I could last, how much longer I could go without letting go of all that pent up sexual energy. i felt as if I was going to literally explode, to release. Bishop cupped one of my swollen Breasts, he had began to suckle the other breast’s nipple, the right breast. I shifted uncomfortably under him, my body began to shudder hard, i could no longer hold back, I could no longer deny Bishop that knowledge that feeling of me releasing, letting go, allowing him to feel what he does to my very being. I moaned loudly, I noticed Bishop grin and with a hard forceful and some what painful last hard thrust Bishop held himself inside of me, his shaft throbbing as he let go, as he let his seed flow into me.

    I looked to him, I pulled his lips from my breast, from my nipple and kissed him deeply, lovingly. I held Bishop against me, we both continued to orgasm together until we were both spent and he pulled from inside me then collapsed beside of me. He pulled me close to him, wrapping his arms around me and I laid my head onto his chest and yawned softly.


    “I love you Bishop.” i said softly and very much out of breath.

    “I love you too Raeshara, My beautiful Lady Ranger.” he as well was breathless soon slumber found us both as the sun just peeked over the Horizon. …………

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    I love this story

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