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    Kailia rolled out of bed and rubbed her eyes. The sun was still some ways from rising and in the next room she could hear her father snoring loudly. She smiled, this would be the best time if there ever was one. She opened up her ice box where she’d been storing mushrooms, venison and even sealed bowls of rabbit mushroom stew. And of course there were water flasks as well.
    She then walked quietly across her room and got her knapsack and walked back over to her ice box. She’d been secretly storing this food for just this day. It was enough food to hold her for a week. She figured she would be able to stop in Windhelm along the way to pick up more supplies. So quietly she moved the foods into her knapsack, then moved over to her little dresser, pulled out her iron hunting knife and lavender soaps, stuffing them in the bag as well.
    Opening the second drawer, she pulled out her next bit of supplies. Bandages. Those lined the top of her knapsack and she sealed it shut. She then got dressed, she realized, she’d done all this completely naked. Her clothes of choice, a pair of pants and a tunic with boots. Once she was dressed she reached under her bed and pulled out her long bow and quiver of iron arrows. She was now ready.
    But then she realized, she should at least leave her parents a note. So she quickly grabbed her quill and ink and a roll of paper and wrote a hasty note.

    Mother and Father
    I’ve been planning this trip for some time. I been wanting to leave home and travel north, to learn magic and become a bard. Don’t worry I will be fine. I’ve been stockpiling some food and bandages. I wont be here when you awaken, just know I love you both.
    Kailia Green-heart

    She folded the note and laid it on her dresser before quietly sneaking out of the house. Helgen itself was quiet. There were a few imperial soldiers patrolling the gates, but it wasn’t uncommon for a villager to exit the village late at night. So she walked right through the gates, the soldiers not paying her any attention.
    It felt good to finally be leaving home. The road seemed quiet. But of course it was also cold, as the land began to turn to snow as she walked. But luckily it wasn’t snowing this day. Usually this pass would be a blizzard. But she had no travel cloak. So she picked up the pace. The wind was biting cold though. But soon she found herself within the rift’s territory as the snow turned into golden trees and grass.
    By this time though the sun was now out. But so were wild animals. She could hear in the distance a pack of wolves. But she stuck to the road and came upon a fork. Her destination she decided, would be Ivarstead. She would rest in the local inn there before continuing north. This part of the road thankfully was quiet and devoid of wildlife. Ahead, she saw the bridge into town and sped up slightly even as her stomach began to growl.
    At long last, she was in Ivarstead. She was cold, but alive. And the inn was right there, so she went inside and sat near the fire before pulling out a water flask and a bowl of rabbit mushroom stew. The local wench of the tavern, a young woman with fiery hair walked up to her, ”Can I get you anything?”
    ”No, I’m just stopping for a rest. I’m heading north.”, Kailia replied.
    ”North? Joining the Stormcloak I take it?”, Lynly asked.
    Kailia shook her head, ”Nah. While I might agree with Ulfric’s ideals, my destination is Winterhold.”
    From behind her, Wilhelm calls out, ”Oh one of them mages?”
    ”I want to learn magic yes. But I’m no mage yet. I just know the basic flames spell and healing.” Kailia replied.
    Lynly shook her head, ”Just don’t go setting our town on fire.”
    Kailia smirked, ”I am harmless I swear. But I also want to learn to be a bard.”
    Lynly smiled, ”That is an honorable path. It actually would be better than blowing yourself up at that mages college.”
    Both ended up laughing before Kailia got up, having finished her meal, and stepped out the door. The village was wide awake. But she was warm, and her belly full. So she headed towards the northern end of town, taking the dirt path out of town. It would, she decided, be her shortcut to the north.
    The trail was simplistic. She managed to avoid a troll that was nearby and passed by some old ruined building. She was quite enjoying the scenery. Suddenly she heard a horse galloping, and turned around. From behind her, a filthy beggar of a man was on a horse riding towards her and on past. She realized then, he was a horse thief. No one that dresses in rags like that would own a horse. Not even she owned a horse. She shrugged and continued on down the trail.
    The trail winded this way and that as she approached Darkwater Pass, she saw stormcloak with a man in black and grey robes running from something. Too late, she realized, she’d stumbled into a war zone! As Imperial troops began surrounding the stormcloak. Suddenly, one of the stormcloak looked at her and yelled out, ”Wait! She’s not with us!”
    But it was too late. She felt something strike the back of her head and she fell to the ground. Her last vision was seeing the horse thief also being hauled over to join the Stormcloaks before she blacked out.

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