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  • Rowe
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    So when I restarted SR on a brand new save, Bishop’s textures were matching and all was well. But now all of the sudden, him (along with every other male in Skyrim) have this unsightly neck-seam that I CAN’T stand.

    The Male mods for body/face that I have are: Better Males-Beautiful nudes and faces-GeonoxFaces and The Veteran Skin-4K Nude with SoS support.

    At this point, I am unsure of whether to overwrite or uninstall one of them. I’m a big fan of Veteran Skin, especially with this 3.0 Bishop. With the last Bishop, I needed Better Males because I preferred that face-look. But now his face is fine, but I can’t get the body to match the neck-up and I’m hesitant to start messing with those mods as a trail-and-error test. …*sigh*


    Any suggestions or fixes would be greatly appreciated!

    Louisharee Zan
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    Hey Rowe

    I’m using


    Fine Face Textures for Men by urshi (Variant B)

    (+ Black Subsurface Maps for Male FACE and BODY)

    It works fine, but I give no guarantee.

    I hope you’ll solve your problem!

    Sunny greetings, Louisharee


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    Hm it didn’t seem to work on Bishop or any of the SR Characters in fact…very odd. My Veteran mod also doesn’t work on them–well the body part does, but it’s the face that won’t change and that damned neck seam is still there.

    Thanks for the help regardless, Louisharee! I’ll keep working on it. Somethings just in the way.

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    The male mods I actually have installed are:

    Better Males–Beautiful nudes and faces

    High-Res Face Maps for Men by Geonox


    The Veteran Skin


    I’m assuming something in there is conflicting with the Bishop model somehow and no matter how I overwrite my body mod for that, it won’t change. Bishop’s face is fine (as you can see in my screenshots) but his face and body don’t match and it’s pretty obvious.

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    Following this. I’d almost pay money if anybody could tell me why Bishop always has that %&*’$&$§ neck seam and how to make it go away. He has it with SoS, he has it with SAM. He has it with additional skins and without. 🙁

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    My thoughts exactly, Aemilia!

    The previous Bishop had that neck seam but it wasn’t as apparent so I could easily ignore it; however, with this 3.0 Bishop, I can clearly see that godawful seam whenever I put him in clothing that shows off his chest.

    Makes me wonder if that’s just something male bodies in-game can’t do properly or what, because my other NPCs have the same issue.

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    Do not know if this will help, but here is my load for males specifically and neck seams are minimal. Also, I do not use and ENB. Possibly this is affecting your visuals. May not be.


    Body:: Better Males-Beautiful Nudes and Faces-Sundracon Meshes-Flaccid

    Face:: Fine Face Textures for Men by Urshi-      Variant 2_b

    also this for face

    Face/Body 2:: Fine Face Textures for Men by Urshi- Black subsurface maps for male Face and Body


    It works for me and hopefully anyone else out there having this issue.

    I also suggest just dropping these by hand in the appropriate file, if using your chosen mod manager is not making essential changes. There are issues with Nexus Mod Manager and others that try to control where your mod files go and keeping old data.

    The file format for the textures from Urshi to place on face and body for most people is this address. You can even copy and paste in the search to help you find.   C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim\Data\textures\actors\character\male

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    Have had similar neck problems (Bishop should see a chiropractor). I’m not sure exactly which one is bothering OP (since it seems her issue is affecting all of her npcs – not just Bishop) but I thought I’d post my issues and fixes here for anyone who needs the help.


    ISSUE ONE: NECK GAP. If your Bishop has a neck GAP (head separated from body mesh), you probably need to adjust his npc weight. I’m not sure why his weight fluctuates (maybe he’s dieting, haha) but I can only assume it’s a mod conflict somewhere along the line (my guess is with SOS or XP32MS – I can’t prove this, I just have a hunch that Bishop’s weight loss might have to do with his skeleton and those are the major skeleton adjusters). If you aren’t sure if this is what’s causing your issue, the tip-off will be when Sexlab animations start – if you notice Bishop shrink slightly when animations start: his npc weight is too low. The neck gap is caused by the smaller body mesh not meeting Bishop’s normal sized neck.

    ISSUE ONE FIX: Open console. Select Bishop’s REFID. Type ‘setnpcweight 1’. Exit console. Bishop should grow slightly and his neck gap will disappear. Easy.


    ISSUE TWO: NECK TEXTURE SEAM. If your Bishop has a noticeable NECK TEXTURE SEAM (a weird noticeable change of colour or texture at the neck) then your issue is that your face textures and body textures just don’t match. I find this issue is common when using the standard SOS textures and maybe a face texture, but it’s especially common with our boy Bishop. That’s because he comes with his own textures for his face but not for his body – so, since he will have whatever body texture you have installed with his own unique face texture, often they just don’t match up. This issue doesn’t have a single fix since we all have our own favourite body and face textures. On the Nexus listing for SR (under bugs), user FingeTech kindly gave a fix which uses the veteran skin and face texture ( though, since the process is a little vague, I have described it below.

    ISSUE TWO FIX: Install your favourite face and skin texture (preferably matching face and skin textures ala ‘Veteren Skin’ or ‘Skysight Skin’). Also, download a copy of your favourite texture manually. Open your Skyrim Data folder. Find Bishop’s textures: Data/textures/actors/character/bishop. There should be three files here: ‘’, ‘’, and ‘’ – these are the files you will replace. Find the corresponding files in your manual face and skin texture download and simply move them into Bishop’s folder. Don’t worry about messing up your Bishop – if he does go weird, you can just delete and reinstall SR and he’ll be back to normal again.

    Personally, I haven’t been able to get Skysight to work (not for Bishop, just in general) and I’m not a fan of the Veteran skin, but I can confirm that the Veteran skin does work and actually looks alright (as far as the neck seam is concerned,) as I downloaded and installed it just to test this fix, though it’s not perfectly seamless (sorry). Bishop’s unique face texture is just one of the weird things that makes him likeable, I suppose.


    Anyway – I hope this helped someone. I’ll check back here every now and again.


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    What nails said. I struggled with his neck seam for the longest time until I found out editing his head mesh in CK as well as replacing the files in his folder got rid of it almost completely. Now it looks like a normal neck seam you’d find on any other male NPC.

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