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    I was using the weapon stand in the cottage basement to show off all my swanky daedric artifacts, and I noticed first that nothing placed would show up on the wall and the upper row. Then I noticed later that once I had placed the items and left the building, I wasn’t able to pick them up again and got a message saying that I lack the required item. I was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else, and also if there is a way to fix it?

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    I lost 4 Dragon priest masks, 3 claws and Dawnbreaker in the cottage, find the id’s of the thing (s) lost and console code them back into your inventory is the only way to get em back. It happens sometimes with mods I have had it happen with several other mods I have so I only display them in vanilla & Official DLC Build your own houses now.

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    Oh my… this is a serious bug that really needs to be fixed! I have noticed yesterday that the Skull of Corruption doesn’t show up on the display. so it’s probably gone now, as I left it there. Well, I don’t need that thingie, we’re archers and I just need my bow. But anyway I think that this bug needs to be fixed, other users might get really upset!

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    I had the same thing happen with the Sanguine Rose.

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