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    I don’t know if I’m impatient or not, and I’m sure I am. But I just had to ask because I’m a bit worried. I’ve put in 133 hours into Skyrim, with Bishop at my side the entire time, and I know I have all the mods logged in the right order/have what is necessary. And I haven’t had any problems or conflicting other mods.

    The problem is Bishop hasn’t proposed, and I’ve not only met all the other NPC’s added by the mod, I have looked at the cheat sheet too just to be sure and read the FAQ too. I can’t find anything to solve this problem. I’ve also accomplished the Main quest, thieves guild, dark brotherhood, college of Winterhold, and a bunch of other quests. And Bishop hasn’t brought anything else up either, and I’m pretty sure I’ve ran through all his dialogue (before the proposal) after watching some playthroughs. I was just wondering if I’ve done something wrong or if there was any information someone could give me to help?

    If needed I can list all the mods I have, but the only ones I have other than the ones needed for Skyrim Romance are graphic mods.

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    I had this problem too. Reloading previous saves or anything else didn’t help me. But opening Creation Kit (I only changed his skin color) solved this problem… For some time I thought that I’ve done something wrong or I am impatient, but it seems it was some kind of bug.

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    I know this was a while ago but I had the same problem and I finally figured out the solution.

    Open up the Skyrim Console commands by pressing “`” unless you use a different key.

    Then type this… setstage sravmeetingcaeldibella 60

    Then all I did was fast travel to Riverwood, talked to him and bam! Fixed.

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