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    This scene takes place right after the player has retrieved Red Eagle’s sword. The Dragonborn is contemplating whether or not Cael feels he has an ancestral claim to it.

    1) Nice branch
    2) Witty branch
    3) Aggressive branch
    All lines of dialogue should also meet the formatting\

    character limit standard.


    [Open dialogue]

    Cael: [In awe]This is it….the sword of Red Eagle, Faolan’s legacy.


    1) DB: It belongs to you.
    2) DB: Finders keepers–I found it, I’m keeping it.
    3) DB: You don’t expect me to hand this over to you do you?

    1) Cael: [Seems hesitant] No Dragonborn, you should have it.
    2) Cael: [Chuckles] I wouldn’t dream of taking what is yours Dragonborn, you have earned this.
    3) Cael:[Seems hesitant] My people would not want me to surrender this to an outsider…but perhaps you are the more worthy warrior.

    1) DB: Are you sure? I know how important this sword is to the Reachmen.
    2) DB: Is this your way of asking me to lead for you?
    3) DB: I don’t want to accept this if it means becoming a pawn to the Forsworn.

    1) Cael: You alone can match the Red Eagle’s battle prowess, I only hope you will wield it in defense of my people…and my trust.
    2) Cael: [Amused] Oh, no my sparrow, your strength may be unmatched, but my wit is unparalleled. Maybe you would consider ruling by my side instead?
    3) Cael: You mean much more to me then a pawn, I  had thought you would have understood my desire to reclaim my home.

    1) DB: You really don’t want it for yourself?
    2) DB: So you don’t want the fame and glory all for yourself?
    3) DB: Why don’t you take it for yourself instead of burdening me with your hopes?

    1) Cael: I wish I could be everything my people needed but as chief I have to choose what is best despite my ego, and that is you.
    2) Cael: I don’t mind sharing the glory if it’s with you. The Forsworn would be honored if the Dragonborn wielded Red Eagle’s sword.
    3) Cael: Because I had hoped you would see that we, that I, was worth fighting for, and our hopes would be the same.

    1) DB: I won’t let you down Cael, thank you.
    2) DB:  Your pinning all your hopes and dreams on me? Bad move chief.
    3) DB: I can’t fight for the Forsworn just for you Cael.

    1) Cael: I have no doubt, my sparrow.
    2) Cael: *Smiles* I’m willing to take that chance.
    3) Cael: [Sounds hurt] Very well, I can’t force you to understand our plight but I can ask that you don’t stop trying to.

    [Close dialogue]

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    Excellent job Luella!

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