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  • Flynn
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    Hi, I’ve been having some issues with the animation side of things here! I installed everything on Saturday, and was getting on fine with the mod until the Nilheim scene, in which I got this awkward scene…

    Pretty sure that's not how it works Bishop...

    Now I made sure to follow the guide thoroughly (I’ve made installation mistakes in the past so I didn’t want a repeat!) But I checked my Mod Organiser files again and noticed that SOS was overriding XP32, even though I installed the skeleton first. I checked FNIS and I was met with this…

    As you can see it is being overwritten...

    I noticed that FNIS was installing them incorrectly, and the XP32 skeleton wasn’t showing up. I changed the file path, from a random YouTube video I found, and I received another error saying there was no animations installed etc. I have now reinstalled everything, and I am still getting the same errors. Bishop works fine, but none of the animations are working whatsoever! I checked SexLab’s troubleshooting as well, and nothing seems to be working (both my character and Bishop were stood on a bed butt as naked which again was awkward). I definitely installed everything in the correct order, so I don’t understand what is going wrong. Can someone please help?


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    Had this issue myself. The problem comes down to the priority order. You’ll notice that in the left hand pane next to the name of each mod is a number. That is the priority number. You’re going to need to move the mods around so that, like the loading order, each mod is in the order that you want it to go. Right now you have SOS after XP32 which means that SOS is overwriting it. You need to put XP32 down lower on the load order. You also need to make sure that any other mods that alter the skeleton (Realistic Force, CBBE, etc) are also places above XP32. You also need to make sure that SL and SR3 are listed below XP32 but above FNIS, and that the FNIS patch you make is listed last. Then go through and make sure nothing is overwriting the FNIS patch and nothing is overwriting XP32.

    Hopefully after that everything should work.

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    Thank you so much! I now have everything in working order! I managed to figure out how to load FNIS from the Data tab in MO, I had been using it through the MO files which was where it was going wrong. Finally the animations are working 😀

    YxiF A
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    ive the same problem too, how did you fix it ?

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