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    We all decided to go exploring further up the mountain to see if there were any clues to were my uncle was. I was wondering if he was hiding out in the woods and this was a joke he was playing on me. However, I realize that this was no joke. It still is a mystery about what happened to my uncle. My friends urged me to try and call my aunt to see what she would say about the note and book we found. But, she on a business trip.
    I tried calling her but only got the busy signal. I decided to call my father instead. I talked to my father about how we found an old book. I mentioned how there was a note inside the book from uncle addressed to me. After a short pause, you could tell he was nervous speaking. He told me I should never have gone up to that cabin. He urged me to leave that cabin quickly and never return. I was so confused why both my father and aunt were telling me to leave the cabin. I told my friends what my father said which was very little.
    Micheal, Matt, Sylvia, Leslie and I decided to stay at the cabin. We all agreed not to go exploring further but to look around the cabin to see what we could find. We came up along a path to a shed with a lock on it. I don’t remember what was in the shed. All I remember is my uncle used to spend hours in that shed. I was always told by my aunt to never go into that shed. I thought of looking around the cabin to see if we could find the key to the shed. Everyone thought it was a great idea, but Micheal and Matt wanted to catch some fish for dinner. So, Sylvia, Leslie and I went up to the cabin to check to see if we could find the key. While searching for the cabin, we found something strange inside my old room. I don’t remember it being there. It was another book with another letter from my uncle. Sylvia and Leslie thought it was a good idea to get Micheal and Matt involved in this before I read the letter. I was scared about what was inside the message.
    Note as follows:
    To my Niece:
    You are probably wondering how this can happen. With my disappearance while you were a child. I am writing you cause I have no idea how to return to your world. Skyrim is my home now. You probably noticed my old shed. I would spend so much time in that shed. You are probably looking for the key. I hid the key under the colorful rock that we painted when you were a kid. The key will open up the shed. I can’t protect you from what is going to happen. All I can say is, please be careful. If you must look in the cabin, look for the three books that contain information about the gods here in Skyrim. Those books will help you. Please be careful. You will find more of these notes and papers around the cabin. How this is happening, I don’t know. There is also an amulet you need to see. There is a drawing of it in one of the books you need to find. Check the shed out. There is also a barn near the cabin somewhere. Your father and aunt probably never told you what happened that day. The answer is in the barn. You need to find that barn so you can learn the truth of what happened that day.
    Please be careful,
    My friends and I were speechless on what we read. I can’t believe this. Sometimes I think this is all a dream and I will wake up soon. But I know with my friends that this was all too real. My friends during dinner asked me where the barn was. I tried to remember. But I don’t seem to remember any barn from when I was growing up. I don’t even remember there ever being a barn around the cabin. My uncle never built one, or something was making me forget.
    I went to the back of the cabin to find the rainbow rock my uncle and I painted when I was a kid. I looked under the rock and found the key to the shed. I went back inside the cabin to tell everyone that I found the key. We decided that tomorrow we would go look inside the shed. Just to see what was inside the shed and find these books that were mentioned in the letter from my uncle.
    The next day after breakfast everyone was ready to go to the shed. We were excited and shaking about what we were going to find in the shed. While Micheal was unlocking it. I noticed it started to get foggy. I don’t understand how it could be bright and sunny one time and get foggy the next. While everyone was heading inside, I felt someone watching us. When I turned around to look there was no one there. The inside was a mess. There were books, papers, wood, tools, etc. all over the place. I was thinking to myself about how were we going to find the three books my uncle wanted us to see in this me. We all decided to split up and search the shed, so everyone took an area to start cleaning it up. At the same time, we were looking for three books or notes that might be from my uncle. While everyone was cleaning and searching, I had this strange feeling again someone was watching us. Mike found something while cleaning. Mike found another letter addressed to me from my uncle.


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