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    Chapter One: The Hall of the Divines

    Surrounded by small balls of white light, ribbons of soft bluish light was Katrari, slumbering, waiting to be awakened. But something stirred her soul, her very existence, and she woke up. From the cocoon of light emerged the Nordic fire haired Katrari.

    “Child why are you awake? Its not time yet.” his voice called across the hall of the Divines.

    “Something on Nirn has stirred my soul, my very existence Father.” she sweetly said as that first breath of air filled her lungs. Her father stepped into view.

    “Then it truly is time my child for you to go to Nirn, to save the world of Tamriel, Skyrim from your brother’s tirany. To slay you brother Alduin, my first born son and all dragons that have failed to follow your brother Paarthurnax.” her father had said, Akatosh was the First Divine, Father of all Dovah.

    “Yes Father, I wish it didn’t have to come to this, I do not like killing my brothers and sisters.” Katrari said with a sigh, she is a gentle soul. But Katrari also knew duty came first, came above all else.

    “Katrari, there are a few things you must know child. When you are sent to Nirn, you will not remember that you are a dragon, you will be a Nord woman a human, your eyes however will be dragonlike, this might cause a bit of strife with the Vigilant of Stendarr, be careful. you will have the blood, soul and heart of a dragon a true and pure Dovah. You wont remember where you came from, you will however remember I am your Father, that you serve the Divines, are sent by the Divines to Nirn. You will have to make a life for yourself. However some tragic event or such may trigger everything and cause your memory to return.” Akatosh explained to his daughter, he was not happy about this himself, but it had to be this way, even Katrari was a bit saddened by this turn of events.

    “I understand Father, I will do my best to save the souls of Nirn from Alduin and those of our family who have decided to follow him, those who have joined him in hopes of enslaving the mankind of Nirn. Will I be able to return to you and the eight someday Father? I don’t see spending my eternity in Sovengarde.” she asked of her Father, she wished to return to the arms and love of the Nine Divines where she started.

    “If you wish to, then yes Katrari, but only when your time and duty on Nirn is finished. You are so beautiful Katrari, I wish your mother were still alive to see you. Now go see Talos he has something for you my child.” Akatosh said as he sent his daughter on her way to see Talos.

    Katrari approached Talos, she felt so meek, so very small as she neared the God, the Divine she knelt in his graceful presence, she basked in his greatness. She knew the story of how Talos of Atmora came to be Talos the Divine. She would defend the Nine on Nirn, bring there words and blessings as well, she felt that was also part of her duty to those of Nirn.

    “Father said you have something for me Sir Talos. I am but a humble soul.” Her voice never once cracked, katrari had spoken to Talos before, asked him of his life on Nirn, its how she knew how he became a Divine, it came from Talos himself.

    “Ah, there you are Katrari my dear, your as beautiful as ever. Aye, I do young dragonling. Please rise you need not kneel you are the daughter of Akatosh.” she rose as his voice sounded fatherly, yet not commanding. She stood before Talos.

    “Here you are Katrari, My own personal amulet imbued with my blessing and the ability to cool a shouts time. My Armor that has served me well in many battles against the Empire of Tamriel. and my Sword with another made in the same way as the first, twins that will serve you well. Child when you arrive on Nirn near Riverwood, there will be a Humble stone of Akatosh, your father and a chest of Armors, weapons and spells. Some of the armor and jewelry has enchantments for you to learn do so. and some that will aid you.” he announced even her father would not let her go unprotected, Nirn was a dangerous place now.

    “Thank you most gracious Talos, I shall not fail any of you, I will bring the words of the Nine back to the hearts of those on Tamriel. The love as well shall be restored even with all I have to do, I will not falter. You have my word Talos, as a warrior and daughter of Akatosh.” she said not with pride but with a love not even those on Nirn had.

    “Go now Katrari, its time you are heading to Nirn, and remember we will be there when you need us just pray.” Talos mentioned and in a fury of light Katrari was sent to Nirn to begin her life as the Dragonborn. ……..


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