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    Chapter 3: The Adventure begins.

    As I had told Bishop, I was awake at dawn had gotten supplies from Orgnar and From Lucan at the Riverwood Trader. I was ready, my horse was saddled. I was already to go but I could not find Bishop, I figured as much but its alright I go on my own as I said I would, I don’t need Bishop. I positioned myself comfortably on Raven’s back and took out my map of Skyrim and unrolled it, noting where I needed to go, which hold. I would have to search out the cave known as Craigslane Cavern, this was where I heard some bandits held several operations of a Questionable nature, illegal activities. I however made a stop first in Riften, helping out Madesi, giving him the ore, tusk and gems he required to continue with his jewelry. I then helped out the lovely elf woman merchant Marise Aravel. She only needed 5 ice wraith teeth. I had decided to help others like Balimund the blacksmith, he happened to need 10 pinches of Fire salts for his wonderful forge.

    Inside the Bee and Barb I met the most wonderful Argonian, Keerava. She was a pleasant woman for a lizard anyways. Her mate or intended Talen-Jai, he was a different story, he was nice sure, and he told me of how him and Keerava met. I offered the three flawless amethysts he needed to complete his mates band, wedding band. I took a seat and had ordered some food, a drink which was not one of the normal things you would find in an Inn or tavern. But honestly I did not drink spirits very often. I had ordered a snowberry tea hot, I love snowberry tea. Later after my tab was settled with Miss Keerava, I left the Bee and Barb, venturing around Riften, why had the Nine let this place go to oblivion? That no one would ever know.

    I listened to Wujeeta another lovely argonian woman, she however worked at the Riften fishery, under the nice middle aged Nord Boli. She told me her story and well I helped her out too gave her one of the healing potions I had in my potion satchel. She offered my information in trade for some gold which was alright, I gave her 1500 in gold for the information and set off to see Jarl Laila Law-Giver, the Jarl of Riften. That woman was blinded by the lies this Maven Black-Briar spoke, like a serpant with silver forked tongue. Many of the citizen’s of Riften had nothing nice to say about that woman. I went inside Mistveil Keep and knelt before the Jarl.

    “My Jarl, I hear there is a problem with Skooma and a dealer of poison from you own city. Is there anything this servant of the Divines can so to aid you with this problem? I had said as I knelt before the woman, the Jarl of Riften.

    “Citizen, I hear good things about you from my people. You have done more to help my people in their time of need, than any one of those in my Court has done in their entire careers. If you sneak up this dealer of poison, and rid our fair city of this man and his poison, I would be grateful. Every time we have tried too sneak up on him he has eluded us. I think there are informants in the city guard.” she said, she seemed a very proud woman, she was willing to allow me to help her deal with this continuing problem.

    “Of course My Jarl, it would be my honor to help you and your fair city. I am meant to help others its what i do, My Lady. Give me a few hours and I will have the information and locations to deal with this man and his operations.” I said softly, I never raised my voice to a Jarl, I never would.

    “Go then and see to it that it is done. Here is the key to the warehouse. Bring back the information on the operation and I will look at it, then you may deal with the operation as you see fit.” She was not one to anger or to mess with, I was not going to cross her ever.

    “It shall be done, My Jarl. God evening My Lady.” I said and then she motioned for me to rise, she was a bit taken back I noticed i am thinking that it had been a countless number of years or longer since anyone showed a Jarl the respect i just had. It was my nature i was a Divines daughter after all.

    I made my way out the side gates of Riften near Balimunds blacksmithy and went to the warehouse, I used the key and went inside, dealing with Sarthis and his thug, killing them in the name of the Divines. I found what I needed, and took all the moon sugar that was there along with the skooma. I showed Jarl Laila what was found the note from whomever was Sarthis’s partner and handed her the moon sugar and skooma to be destroyed. She sent me on my way to Craigslane Cavern, this was also where i would need to be for the bandits I hunted to find Karnwyr.

    On my own person however was a scroll holder, belt vial pouch, shoulder vial pouch and pockets. With me I also have a pouch to store gems, mining ores and ingots, pelts and leather crafting supplies, even trinkets and odds and ins. I also have a special pouch to hold food and beverages as well as Alchemical components likes ingredients and solutions to mix potions and other things. The journey to the rift had only taken a few days, I found a decent place to camp, one that has helped blend me into the foliage and surrounding landscape. Its better protection, and nice tall tree with a lot of leaves and places to hide me. This way I will have the advantage, this way I have a “birds” eye view of everything around me.

    I didn’t need anyone or anything sneaking up on me, i am a very cautious being, I am also a very skilled warrior and hunter as well as archer. I favor archery honestly, but I can wield a set of twin swords also, which I do often. I am quite sure some have noticed that my swords are special. I have yet to figure out why they are, its as if they radiate with some for of magical enchantment. Maybe its better I leave that alone, leave well enough alone that is. I know my camp now is in the perfect spot, its not far from the cavern I need to go into, I can hear the sound of baying wolves, these are no ordinary wolves, no they are pit wolves. Wolves that were bred to fight in pits and other cages or such and to be bet on.

    -Several hours later, the Camp.-

    My camp is already set up, I also have a hunters perch now as well. Its where i am currently positioned at. I have a wonderful view of the entire rift, its very beautiful even in the light of dusk, in sunset. I have with me a specially imbued ring of detect life, it detects anything living, it does not detect the undead, dead, Draugr or machines even atronochs are not picked up by it. I also have a ring of detect dead, I never go anywhere without them, they are useful when scouting or hunting prey. Something or someone approaches, I wonder who or what it is, I must stay absolutely silent and just watch. My bow is at the ready, a bow that was made with my own two hands and so was the quiver and arrows. I had multiple arrows loaded and ready to be aimed as well as fired.

    What in the name of Talos?!? It was Bishop, i would watch him carefully as he inspects my camp, I place my arrows back in the quiver, then secure my bow all before drawing my twin daedric dagger’s, slipping silently from the tree perch, slowly creeping up behind Bishop. Then with a quick swift movement I reached around him placing the dagger to his throat.

    “You take one thing of mine from this camp Ranger, I will slit your throat and leave you to die.” I sneered he obviously wasn’t expecting this from me, I had gotten the better of this ranger.

    “Nice move Ladyship, maybe I was wrong about you.” his voice almost seemed to brood, was it amazement or was it pure outright contempt for me, could it have been pure smugness or something far more dangerous?.

    “I do my best Ranger. Oh by the way where the hell in oblivion were you the other morning? I warned you I would leave without you Bishop.” I said rather coldly I hated waiting and I sure as hell did not have time for foolish men.

    “I had to do something, speak to someone Ladyship, its however none of your concern, so leave it alone and shut up about it. I am done speaking about it.” Oh that was not going to fly with me, he was being a damned asshole and a rude little bastard, well fine if he wanted to play games this way so could I. I could not help but feel as if this Ranger was up to something, something bad, that involved myself, I would find out sooner or later.

    “Fine Bishop, but I warn you now, if you put me in danger i will kill you and all involved make no mistake about that. You mess with an Agent of the Divines. Evil has no place on Nirn, on Tamriel.” I warned flatly I was not going to let this ranger get the better of me ever.

    “More of your silly faith in the divines I see. When will you learn the gods are worthless, they can not help you Princess.” I suddenly grew very angry, the very nerve of of him insulting the Nine Divines, insulting my father Akatosh. I would however keep the secret that I was the daughter of the First Divine, the daughter of Akatosh.

    “SHUT your fool rude speaking face ranger, keep that trap you call a mouth silent, or I will rearrange it for you to where you will be speaking sideways out of that hole you call a mouth.” I growled he had angered me, gotten under my skin.

    -Several more hours later-

    I had decided to stay clear away from Bishop for awhile, it was the best way for the moment, I knew if I stayed near him I would end up loathing the man, hating him with everything I am. I did not want that to happen, Bishop really wasn’t a bad man, he was just rude, he was just opinionated. Bishop says what’s on his mind, sometimes i honestly liked that about people. Right now it however was uncalled for, it was rude to tread on someones beliefs and so forth, and i was not going to stand for it. I walked towards where Bishop was sitting and sat beside him smiling softly as I watched him closely what was it he was doing? Making a leather armor piece?

    “Bishop are you hungry? I could make us something to eat. Sorry for being a bit harsh with you, I just believe in the Nine Divines.” I figured an apology was the right course of action at this point and to offer to fix us something to eat.

    “A little Princess, and its alright i was taught not to put my faith in the gods or what have you. You have a name Princess? i don’t see calling you Ladyship or Princess for too long.” Bishop had asked his voice was somewhat worried as if he had made a mistake with something.

    “We each believe in things differently Bishop, its what makes us who we are. My name is Katrari.” I smiled my emotions eased, the fear partially lifted, I even felt a bit safer but that did not mean i was letting my guard down around him for an instance.

    I stepped over to the fire and the cooking pot that hung over the fire on a spit. I added some mammoth, venison and horker meat to the spit to roast. It all had been cured and seasoned by me several weeks ago. To the pot I added some frost mirriam, garlic, elf ears, leeks tomatoes, carrots cabbage gourd and potatoes. For the broth i added a bottle of black currant blueberry mead for a sweet infused flavor. In a bit I would cut the meats into pieces and add them to the broth making a lovely sweet stew with a few pinches of salt. For the moment the broth and vegetables would simmer over the fire.

    I took my lute and began to play a tune, I could not remember where I had heard this particular one. But for the moment I played the song as I waited for the broth to simmer awhile before adding the meats and salt. Some time had passed and my broth had simmered for an hour. I took each of the meats and cut them into pieces and added them to the broth as well as 3 pinches of salt, stirring the slow bubbling stew. I added some ground up red, blue and purple mountain flowers for a nice flavor and healing effect. I would now allow the stew to simmer more, while I made some honey and garlic herb bread and a mountain flower salad and some roasted red and green apples along with some jazbay grapes for a slight sweet tangy flavor, made for a dessert.

    -A bit later on.-

    “Bishop, come and eat, don’t wait until it gets cold.” I called out gently I stood at the fire for over three hours making us something to eat, I was not going to have it get cold.

    “Be right there Ladyship, Sorry Katrari, smells wonderful.” his voice called across the winds, well the breeze that was now gently blowing across the rift, it had blown my way which was good it would not alert the scum at the cavern anytime soon. I could also smell Bishop on the breeze.

    “Alright, Bishop but please don’t be too long this stew doesn’t taste good cold.” I spoke softly, I knew for a fact the stew did not taste good cold.

    It would be a short time more before Bishop returned to the camp to eat, at least the stew would not be a total loss, would not be ice cold. We spent time eating and talking about him of all things. I guess it was bound to come up at some point and I had asked him a few questions. I wanted to know more about him, I was helping him after all find his wolf Karnwyr.

    “So where do you come from Katrari? Any family?” he asked of me, i knew sooner or later this would come up i couldn’t tell him that my father is Akatosh.

    “I don’t remember Bishop, I am not sure who my family is. I just remember my home being provided for me. I plan to try and make a life for myself.” I just said, what I had said exactly was not a lie and would likely be forgiven by the Nine. I just didn’t see telling him about my father.

    “I see Katrari, must be hard not knowing.” he said almost sympathetically with a twist of smugness. Honestly It was better this way, i really didn’t see myself being with anyone. I see myself in a solitary life helping others.

    I kept a watch on the cages I had spotted in the distance not far away, each cage held a pit wolf. There was also tents, a campfire and food barrels. Further up the pathway there was what looked like a bouncer or a guard. I think, from the looks of him he’s elven …. Bosmer. Bishop seems to have decided to retire for the evening which I believe is the the best thing he could have done.

    Quietly I moved towards the camp, my bow drawn, arrow at he ready. I took aim, pulling the string and arrow back tight against my right cheek and aiming for the Bosmer’s neck. A swift and quick way to kill him for sure, i let loose the arrow. It flew like the fury of a god towards the Bosmer, and with a muffled gurgling sound I knew the arrow hit its mark. Twice more i repeated my actions taking out each of the wolves in those barbaric cages. I proceeded into the cavern slowly, coming up on yet another cage, it had a very antsy black as midnight wolf inside, I knew that wolf was likely Karnwyr. I proceeded up to the cage sneaking silently and well muffled took out my lock picks and fiddled with the lock, hearing the tumbler click the cage opened and the wolf pounced me onto my back.

    “Well, hello there boy, you must be Karnwyr, I am Katrari. Come on boy Bishop is waiting close by for you.” I said as Karnwyr licked my face obviously happy to be free of that damned cage. I knew I was not done inside just yet I had to stop the skooma operations further in.

    “Karnwyr, follow me boy, how about we dispatch those damned bandits that took you, what do you say boy?” he bounced around lividly as he woofed I stood up and then crouched again bow in hand several arrows loaded and ready to fire. Karnwyr and I proceeded further into the cavern and snuck up on those filthy bandits. One by one and with multiple arrows and the help of Karnwyr, we both ended every bandit, gambler and scums life.

    I took the skooma and sugar and whatever else i could stuff into my pouches and such and then we left, Later i needed to return to Jarl Laila with the news and proof of the deed done to stop that skooma trade operation. After Karnwyr and I left the cavern we headed back to the camp, my camp where Bishop was awake and waiting, he didn’t look happy at all, but oh well I had a job to tend too in the cavern one aside from finding Karnwyr.

    “You could have woke me up Princess. You could have been killed. That was foolish and stupid, I should just put you over my knee right now.” He growled and I walked right up to him and looked into his eyes.

    “I could have been, but I wasn’t I am not some stupid little girl BISHOP. I am a skilled warrior and archer. IF you lay one HAND on me I will kill you Bishop, no man touches me. NEVER WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. You would do well to remember that Ranger. And by the way your damned welcome, and here is your wolf.” I said in anger and very coldly then walked away. I began to pack up my camp I was leaving this man was insufferable and getting on my nerves.

    “What in the name if oblivion are you doing Princess? I have decided to stay on with you, while you travel. I didn’t think such a small meek woman could handle herself in that fashion.” He so boldly said, was he honestly serious? after that he thinks he can come with me? I didn’t need him I didn’t want him along with me.

    “I am leaving Bishop, Please go and leave me alone, after that I don’t want you with me, I do not need you. I need time alone. I have things to do also.” I said flatly I wasn’t ready to do this, I knew nothing good would come of this.

    “Are you serious? after all that? FINE!! you are on your own Princess.” he said harshly and stormed off like a kid who had his ass kicked by someone bigger than him. Karnwyr was right behind him.

    I sighed I really didn’t like being that way with people. Maybe someday I could allow him to be my companion, but right now I needed to be alone. To do things on my own, I headed out on raven’s back for Riften and to gather my payment for dealing with Sarthis and his Skooma operation………

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