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    Chapter Two: Means of Existence

    Lady Mara had given me a place to start, a home, deed to the home and what I needed to get started. The home was nice, out in the Pale of Nirn one of the 8 major holds of Skyrim. I stepped outside to gather what I needed to add three more rooms to the house, to my way of life. Those rooms consisted of a Alchemy laboratory, a Library and a Greenhouse. I would put to use my skills of Alchemical healing and creation as well as a vast library of knowledge and a skill as a herbalist. Growing my own needs to use in potions, poisons and other various concoctions.

    There had been rumors of the attack on Helgen, just up the road from Riverwood, was that the small village Talos had mentioned before I was sent here? I would have to investigate this set of rumors. For the moment I needed to focus on finishing the additions to my home, maybe I would add extra plots of earth of Nirn to make a larger more stable garden out of doors.

    “I have something for you Miss? a Letter from a friend of your’s. He would say who he was. are you Katrari?” the small man said, he was obviously a courier and what puzzled me was he knew my name.

    “Aye, I am most certainly Katrari, what is this you say? a letter for me? well let me see it please. and here this is for you.” I said as I handed the Courier a small pouch of gold.

    “There is no need for the compensation Miss Katrari, its already been paid for to be delivered.” He said handing the sealed letter to me.

    “Never the less Courier, you came out of your way to find me, its only right that I should give you a bit more. Please take it, you can always donate it to a shrine somewhere or a temple of a Divine. I am sure they would appreciate the gesture.” My voice was soft and somewhat calm, i had no reason to be short or unkind to the young man.

    “Thank you Miss Katrari, I will make sure that someone gets the gold that needs and deserves it. You are most kind.” His voice seemed nice, he seemed nice.

    “Won’t you please stay a spell Courier, take super with me? I am new to Skyrim however and well the company would be welcomed.” I asked unsure of what the courier would say or do, I was or seemed to be new and that should have been obvious to even the courier.

    “Why not, i have nothing to do right now. Thank you Miss Katrari, you are most kind. Where do you come from?” he said in reply I was happy to know he would stay and have super with me.

    “I don’t recall where i come from, i just know I serve the Nine Divines, even if Sir Talos is outlawed that does not detour me from spreading his word and love, or follow him for that matter.” I spoke kindly I knew Talos was outlawed, and i knew I could be captured and tortured by the Aldmeri Dominion, the Thalmor. I didn’t honestly care, i followed and taught the love and word of the Nine Divines.

    “You are brave Katrari, I like that. Its wrong for Talos to be outlawed even if he was a man who become a god a Divine.” it was nice seeing that at least one other person that believed as I do.

    I began to cook dinner after  finishing building, the courier had helped me construct the rooms and then helped me build and place various pieces of furniture, bookshelves and other things. I decided to make some venison stew with garlic butter and honey bread several loaves. Some Blueberry crostatas and a mountain flower and berry salad. All with bottles of juniper berry mead and in case some fresh milk i had placed into a chest along with some ground ice wraith teeth to keep it fresh and cold.

    “That smells wonderful Katrari, its nice to see people who can cook, specially ones as lovely as you.” he said his words made me blush, I was used to only the Divine’s commenting on my beauty, I somehow knew I would have to watch out for myself a bit more here on Nirn, I figure the men of Nirn will be a bit more dangerous than expected.

    “Thank you, Umm, do you have a name?” i asked i was curious i could not always call him just courier.

    “Sorry, its Ivarr, and you never asked so its on us both.” he said as he and I began to eat the lovely dinner i made for us.

    Several hours passed dinner was done conversation had ended and Ivarr had went his way, I knew there would be many times I would do this, or the likes., I was just that way a very nice person and very easy to get along with.


    -Riverwood, The Sleeping Giant Inn.-

    I had collect the armor and gifts from my father the ones Talos said would be there, there had even been a note from my father, which seemed to humble me greatly, the stone was welcomed as well i knew my Father was there with me as all the Divines were. I was leery about entering the Inn, there was an ominous looking male standing there by the door. It looked as if he was holding up the wall.

    “Ahh, whose this the villagers look at you if you are some kind of royalty, well if you are looking for someone to kiss your boots Princess I suggest you look elsewhere.” Did he just seriously say that to me? the nerve of some people. i turned to face the smug ranger, and all at once the disdain I felt was gone.

    “Pardon me? I don’t think think we have met, and you sure as hells do not know me. I am certain you are mistaken.” i said there was something about him, a rugged handsomeness, a strong need to protect someone weaker, or try to control them, either way no one knew the heart of a man.

    “I don’t think so Princess, I do not know you and I don’t want too know you. But its like these villagers know something, what is it your hiding Princess?” he asked and in a round about way he thought he was being a smug sneaky bastard.

    “Well then you might have just talked your way out of a good heavy pouch of gold with that attitude Ranger boy. Good day and may the Nine Divines bless you.” I said and went inside, i could hear his sneer, i could almost hear his brow furrowing. I smirked as i entered the Inn.

    “Please come in, sit make yourself comfortable, i think i have a clean mug around here somewhere.” the man said obviously the Inn’s bartender and such.

    “Thank you kindly, may the Nine bless you Sir.” I said and just then he came to where I was.

    “Is there something i can get for you lass? Ale, mead, anything?” he was kind in time or a mere few minutes I would hear his name. …. Orgnar.

    “No i am aright for now, I need to rest a spell but thank you kindly for the offer. If I need something you will be the first to know.” I said as he helped me to a chair to sit, i must have appeared injured but in reality I was tired as hell.

    “Keep bring me and the Lady Princess here a drink of your finest ale.” it was the annoying ranger from outside.

    “No, thank you I do not want anything Ranger.” I said he was going to be a pest i could see this. I was not going to be rude however well not just yet anyways.

    “Alright Princess, but I have a proposition for you. You help me find my wolf Karnwyr and i might decide to travel with you and protect you. You are obviously new to Skyrim.” My eyes grew wide as i listened I never asked him for his aid or his protection what was his deal?

    “Excuse me ranger boy? i never asked for your tracking services nor your company or protection I can handle myself.” I growled what I wanted to do I was failing at miserably. The smirk on his face said it all.

    “I thought since you mentioned something about missing out on a pouch of gold you had implied this. So you want to help me or not?” Oh that came back to bite me in the ass like a slaughterfish attack.

    “Alright, you have a deal, ranger I will help you find this wolf of yours, But understand this, I am a devout follower and believer in the Nine Divines, you tread on that once and you will pay for it do I make myself clear? second I am the one on top not you, you if you decide to stay are working for me as whatever you wish to call it.” i said ground rules had to be established.

    “My name is Bishop Ladyship, clear enough. But if you treat me like one of your lackys or order me around you will have hells to pay, I am my own man got it.” Oh this was going to be fun, or not he was territorial and possessive i could see this and hear it by the way he spoke to me.

    “Lacky[‘s are you bloody serious Bishop? I am not one to have lackys, and I don’t care if you are a damned daedra speak to me like that again and you can can this whole thing off. Actually deals off i don’t need you.” I spat as i rose and he grabbed my arm.

    “Listen up Princess you will never make in skyrim, you are just a little girl who eventually will be killed by whatever comes, at least with me i can protect you.’ he said as I sat down.

    “Think whatever you want Bishop i have my skills and my secrets you will never understand. Now get some rest I will be leaving at dawn to find this wolf of yours if you are not awake you get left behind.” I said and walked to Orgnar.

    “A room for me please, just me.” I said softly and handed Orgnar 10 gold coins.

    “Thank you lass, the room right there is open, please make yourself comfortable.” he said as I went into the room shut the door and placed a chair in front of it too keep this Bishop out. i was not sure of him but something had already stirred in me, I leaned back against the door and tried to catch my breath. ………



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    Very enjoyable

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    Thank you hun, the first I tried with Bishop as a romance option for my Katrari or any skyrim character.

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    This is a very interesting story. I really like it!

    Keep it up, gurl

    😀 x

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    Those two are going to argue a lot…

    Love it so far, keep them chapters coming! 🙂

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