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    Chapter One


    We Meet Again




    “In Skyrim, hope can be a weakness, people just use it to make it seem like there is light somewhere in this cold, harsh land… Maybe they’re right and I just can’t find it…”



    The sun slowly tucked itself away behind Skyrim’s tall, snowy mountains, its brilliant rays no longer shining on the city of Solitude. Lanterns were strung up over the streets, illuminating the well-structured city and giving off a warm feeling. As it was the end of the day, everyone began retreating indoors, many going home, while others went to the local inn to share a drink with friends. Numerous unique souls can be found in any tavern in Skyrim, people from far away parts of Tamriel, or born right in Skyrim.


    At The Winking Skeever, an Altmer woman sat and chatted happily with a local Nord about the traditional Nordic way of life. She began to grasp how some Nords wish to live, but before she could ask another question, he excused himself and left to go to bed. A bit bored at the lack of company, her eyes start to wander around the room, landing on the front door of the inn for a moment. She thought of her friend, but had no intention of talking to him, instead she picked up her copy of Night of Tears that was lying on the table next to her and resumed where she left off. The inn’s bard, a raven haired fellow, sang of Skyrim’s warriors and the impact they made on the land.


    The front door was disturbed by a young Nord, causing the Altmer to look up from her text and set her gaze on the visitor. Her amethyst eyes follow the armored Nord across the room, watching her take a seat near the bar. The woman was blonde and pale with bright eyes that of emeralds. She sat with an arm over the back of her chair and her long legs crossed, a knapsack she took off her back leaning against a leg of the seat, she eyed the space around her. She was warrior or possibly a traveler from the looks of it. She was suited in black armor, with two ebony swords resting on her hips, and throwing knifes strapped on her belt. She kept her short hair pinned back, with her fluffy bangs loose on the right side of her face.


    The High Elf found the new woman fascinating as well as familiar, so she waved a waiter over and pointed to the blonde, instructing him to bring her a beverage. The waiter nodded and returned to the bar, retrieving a bottle of honeyed mead, sitting it on a platter, and walking it over to the Nord woman. He leaned down a bit, presenting the platter to her and nodded to the Altmer. The Nord looked at the beverage offered to her and then to the woman she assumed bought the drink, flashing a slight smile her way. She grabbed the bottle by the neck with three fingers, taking it off the tray, thanking the waiter. She grabbed her knapsack and stood, carrying her bag by one strap and strolled over to the High Elf. “Quite the way to start a conversation” She stated with a warm smile. The Nord woman took a quick glance of the character before her, noting her elven armor.


    “Well, you seemed interesting,” The silvery hair woman replied, kicking out a chair for the blonde. “Now, if my memory hasn’t failed me just now, I believe we met before, back in Whiterun. You had a scuffle with a bear, right? Said your name was Eboni?” She sat straight and smiled at metal named woman. Eboni took the seat presented to her and nodded to woman across from her.


    “Aye. Mireya, correct?” Eboni asked, uncorking the bottle of mead she had been given and taking a small sip from it.


    “If I remember right, aye means yes. And yes, that is I. The one and only… actually, not only, but anyway. I’m glad to see your travels have treated you well and you got here safely. So, what brings you to Solitude, Eboni?” Mireya said, setting an elbow on the table and resting a hand on her cheek.


    “Just passing through to see if I can find work, I’m a sell sword at times. And what brings you to Solitude?” Eboni inquired, her legs crossing out of habit. Her lips found her mead again and she took a swig from the bottle, waiting for Mireya’s answer.


    “Just relaxing, I don’t have much more time to do it, so I thought why not. If you’re looking for work I can always make an offer” She proposed a job, hearing some whispering in altermeri coming from the door, but she brushes it off.


    “That is why I came to this lavish city in the first place, what needs to done?” Eboni asked, tilting her head and giving a slight smile.


    “Could I-” Mireya cleared her throat and awkwardly looked away for a moment; a slight blush came quickly to her face and disappears soon after. “I am highborn, and as such am I am in need of protection at times, I have a friend, that follows me, but I could always use some extra help. So would you be interested in taking a role as basically a bodyguard?”


    “It wouldn’t be the first time I took such a position. Seems like a good use of my time, I’m willing” Eboni said, nodding to Mireya. Mireya smiled and clasped her hands together.


    “Excellent, in that case, Give me a moment to make a contract that you are to sign, does one hundred gold per week sound good?” She said, snapping her fingers. The waiter goes up to the bartender, then got an ink well, a feather, and a piece of paper, bringing it to Mireya. The waiter placed the items on the table and left to tend to another inn patron. Mireya straightens the paper and inks the feather tip, quickly writing various things on the sheet. “How long do you feel would be satisfying?”


    “The pay is fine, and I am willing to serve as long as needed” Eboni answered, shrugging her shoulders.


    “Shall we say two weeks, we can adjust it later if need be?” Mireya suggested, looking up for a moment to see Eboni’s response. Eboni nodded and took a sip from her mead.


    “Alright, sounds agreeable, lass” She said, finishing off the bottle and setting it down on the table.


    “Good,” Mireya looked up from the paper, having finished writing up the contract. She slid the contract with the inked feather across the table to Eboni. “All you need to do is read and sign it.” Mireya said, gesturing to the paper. Eboni picked up the paper and scanned over the context, the contract reading: “In signing this contract, the signatory agrees to work for ‘Mireya’ for a period of ‘two weeks’. Their purpose being ‘bodyguard’. They shall receive ‘100 gold per week’. If any problems arise between the two parties, they shall discuss it between them, if nothing is accomplished, then they shall bring in a third party to resolve the conflict. It is at the discretion of the signatory to bring up any potential issues. The signatory shall note their name on the following section: _______.” Eboni nodded in satisfaction once she finished reading the contract. She signed her name clearly and slid it back to Mireya. Mireya quickly checked the name and folded up the paper.


    “Welcome into my service, Eboni. I should note some things,” Mireya leaned forward and began whispering. “The friend who follows me, he might be kind of, sort of a vampire,” She moved back from Eboni and resumed her normal speaking volume. “Though there is no need for concern. And I know it seems like I just said you can go hug a few werewolves with a necklace of meat and be fine. But please trust me when I say he does not pose a threat”

    “I’ve dealt with vampires before; I try to remain prepared for them. Though, I must ask, if he were to show signs of a threat, how would you wish for me to handle this blood sucking character?” Eboni questioned, gesturing with her hands a bit.


    “Glad to hear you are a bit experienced then. That is unlikely to happen, but if he does do just as you say, I can not at the moment think of a response to every possible encounter that might occur,” Mireya takes the book from the table and places the folded contract into it, closing it after. “So, as we are likely to spend time in each others company and a bit because I have to. I’m going to ask you a few questions about you, to get to know you better. Does that sound good?”


    “Sounds fair enough, ask away” Eboni said as she leaned on the table.


    “Alright, there are the standard questions for various things, but they can get a bit personal. So, let’s do my fun ones. First, what weapon do you favor; this will determine if the situation arises what type of combat best suits you?” Mireya said.


    “I mainly wield duel swords, but I can use a bow, daggers, as well as throwing knifes, if needed” She responded, pulling out a throwing knife to show her. Mireya waved a waiter over and telling him quietly to bring something over.


    “Alright, second,” Mireya begins, pausing as the waiter places an apple on the table. “Can you hit this apple?” She said, picking up the fruit. “Three, two, one” She said and tossed it towards the front door. Acting quickly, Eboni used the throwing she had in hand and stood, throwing the knife at the apple. The knife impaled the red fruit and wedged itself firmly into the door.


    “Impressive” Mireya nodded to Eboni. “Third, do you have any questions regarding your employment or related matters? Fourth, and final, would you mind if I dropped this noble act?”


    “One, should I only speak when spoken to? And two, you may act as you please” Eboni answered.


    “With me, speak when you wish. If we are in the presence one of my family members I will tell you if that changes. If you are unsure, just refer to me as Lady Mireya or Milady. Thank you, Eboni” Mireya said, glancing around the inn for a moment. Seeing that people were leaving the inn and renting rooms, she waved the waiter over. Whispering to him, she rented two rooms, handing him the required gold. “I rented a room for you, so go to bed when you wish. Though there is something I have to do tomorrow, so try to get enough rest” The waiter came back with two keys and sat them on the table. “Goodnight, Eboni” Mireya said and grabbed one of the keys. She gave Eboni a smile before leaving, waving as she left. Eboni picked up key on the table and observed the metal. She smiled and stood, grabbing her knapsack. She slung the black leather bag over her right shoulder, holding the key in her left hand by the key ring. Taking in her surroundings, she saw that the inn was almost empty, apart from a few late night drinkers. The inn keeper was wiping off the bar counter, and the black haired bard was leaving with a lady under his arm. She sighed and walked to the stairs, jogging up them and finding her room. Her hand touched the doorknob to her room and she smiled again.


    “This job should be interesting at the least…” She muttered, opening the door and strolling in.







    I hope you lovelies enjoyed the first cheaper of “Bleed for you”! Please feel free to give constructive criticism in the comments below, I love to learn more about writing. This chapter is just a taste, to see what readers think so far, I hope you like it so I can continue. Until next Chapter <3

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