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    I say almost perfect because aesthetically, I prefer men with long hair, but that is such a small thing considering how perfect Bishop is to what my fantasy man is like.

    I had a very difficult childhood, with physical, emotional and sexual abuse at many points in my life.  My father nor my brothers were the perpetrators, but my mother was physically and emotionally abusive,  her brother and brother-in-law being sexually abusive in my younger years.  As I got older, other males, including one of my physicians, continued the cycle of molestation.  The only thing I really have blamed my father for, was not being there to prevent the trauma I suffered as a child.  And because I have never, ever felt safe growing up, and into adulthood, the biggest fantasy I have is finding that man who would step in front of an arrow to save me, who would kick someone else’s behind if they tried to hurt me.  Bishop does exactly that.  The very first time I heard him yell “Hurt her and I will kill you!”  I about melted into a puddle in my chair.  And having him go from the gruff, detached and distrusting man I first met in Riverwood, to the very protective and jealous lover to finally the most gentle and loving husband and father a woman could ask for, well, it seems that the Skyrim Romance team dug deeply into my psyche and pulled Bishop right out of it and put him into my most favorite game ever.  Even the scenes where Bishop and the Dragonborn go to deal with Thorn has been quite healing for me.

    All I can say is, thank you SRM team for this wonderful mod to the game.  I can’t wait until you all put out more content.  I am especially looking forward to the Casavir mod, because I want to see him break, just like Bishop predicted!

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    Wow…That couldn’t have been easy. I thank you for sharing your personal story. That was really brave of you. And I’m actually happy to hear this mod has helped you heal a little more. It’s stories like yours and many others that truly resonate with everyone involved in the making of Skyrim Romance and how it’s much more than just a “Romance Mod”.

    People play video games not just for enjoyment, but a lot of times, to express themselves freely in a world that isn’t their own. It might not be real or tangible, but the experience is real to us, and ultimately, that’s really what matters at the end of the day. Bishop’s story evolves in such a way that makes the player realize he’s not just after your body and he’s not using you. But rather, he’s connecting more and more with who you are, and you as the player begin to do the same with him. The romance adds real substance to the lore and story telling of the game and that’s what makes it so much more relatable and enjoyable.

    So my little speech aside… As a fan of Skyrim and SR Mod, your story is one that’s definitely real to you, and I sincerely appreciate you sharing a little bit about it with everyone 🙂

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