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    Below is what I posted on my Twitter account. 

    Mountains, lakes, rivers, land that seems to stretch on forever, and a sky as blue as can be. Skyrim is a land of discovery and beauty. The dangers that occupy it and challenge you should be enough, right? But it’s not. Sometimes big league companies forget that actual humans play their games, and the plot seems to lack genuine emotion or connection between characters. So, how do you fill that empty void that seems to be mocking you throughout Skyrim? The answer is; mods.


    A mod can often range in quality, and quite honestly most “romance” mods turn out to be awkward. Their attempts at twisting a character’s words or the poor audio often destroy the connection you were initially striving for. While playing these mods you’re completely aware of what it is. It doesn’t suck you into the fantasy like it should


    Now, take a moment and picture this: you’re standing on the bridge past Riverwood admiring the view of Whiterun from afar. A man is next to you, not just any man, but a man who captivates your every sense and draws you in to learn more about who he is. This man, Bishop, is what you have been searching for all along. His voice possesses a natural confidence and depth that no other character in Skyrim can match. His appearance contains his struggles and his perseverance. He is what will guide you along an emotional journey. This isn’t just your imagination, Mara Lightfeather’s romance mod has what your heart desires.


    This is just a glimpse of what the Skyrim romance mod can offer you. Men will fight for the chance to love you and offer you the attention the Dragonborn truly deserves. You’ll finally have the chance to experience the thriving and rich world of romance in Skyrim.


    To begin your journey, visit

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