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    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Cael and Dragonborn – Test Dialogue</p>

    The Dragonborn and Cael have reached the end of Bleak Falls Barrow, where the Dragonstone has been discovered after a strenuous battle. The Dragonborn holds the artifact gently, and Cael approaches them from behind.


    Cael: These carvings look ancient… I wonder if they can be translated…


    1) DG: It’s almost as if Nordic mysteries are unravelling at my very fingertips.

    2) DG: All this for a piece of stone? No treasure?!

    3) DG: This better have been worth it. I haven’t got time to run errands.


    1) Cael: I know what you mean. So much of Nordic history has been lost due to the neglect of our ancestors… [Cael speaks with a distinct tone of thoughtfulness]

    2) Cael: My sparrow, just give me the word and I’ll bring you all the treasure your delicate hands can carry. [Cael speaks with a smooth tone that could melt a heart]

    3) Cael: Hmm… perhaps you should learn to be less agreeable? That would grant you loads of time to spare. [Cael speaks in a teasing matter]


    1) DG: With you at my side, we’ll unlock secrets of the past… together.

    2) DG: I can think of other ways to utilize your talents, Cael.

    3) DG: I’m sure either way I’d still have no choice in the matter.


    1) Cael: How can a man focus on mysteries of another time when there is such beauty before his eyes? [Cael speaks with admiration]

    2) Cael: Oh? You’ll have to show me sometime. I’m sure you have some intriguing methods. [Cael speaks through a smirk]

    3) Cael: I won’t argue with that, my sparrow. [Cael has a soft tone]


    DG: Let’s move on before some horrid creature sneaks up on us.


    Cael: If it did, I wouldn’t hesitate to be your shield. My honour demands it. [Cael speaks with intensity]


    1) DG: So does mine. I would never let anyone harm you.

    2) DG: Oh please help me, strong man! I am so defenceless!

    3) DG: Please, like I need protection.


    1) Cael: We’ll protect each other then. But your life will always come before mine, my sparrow. [Cael has a more serious tone]

    2) Cael: *chuckles* Point taken. I’ll admit you’re quite the capable woman. [Cael has a light tone]

    3) Cael: You have mine. Whether you desire it or not. [Cael has a neutral tone with a hint of seriousness]


    *Cael pulls the Dragonborn into a brief kiss before they exit the cave, side-by-side*

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