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    “Stop messing around Noor!”
    “Shhh! You’ll wake Mother up!”
    “You can’t be accepting his proposal now!”
    “Shut up Ta’kiir! I’m 18 I can do as I please!”
    “Noor, be rational! You just met him-“
    “I am being rational! I’m leaving. He wants to go to High Rock. It’s where father is too!”
    “You’d don’t even know that! Let alone who your father is!”
    “I don’t care Lukas! I’m going. You coming Zu-“

    The little Khajiit bottled her head from the table when the door of the club opened.

    “I’m looking for … a young Khajiit maiden?” The newcomer with a large red hat asked the bartender.

    To her surprise it was him. The Dragonborn really did promise her that she’d meet him. She was so filled with joy at seeing him enter that she almost laughed at the ridiculous trials she went through earlier.

    The bartender signalled his head over to the Little khajit, directing the prince of song to her in the corner of the room. She got up quickly once their eyes met. Hers widened and her tail fuzzed a little, she tried to speak but only let out a small purr.

    “You must be her…” the Prince of song politely began the conversation, seeing the poor little feline tremble.

    “Yes! I’m her! And I want to be a prince of song too!!!!” She blurted.

    “Well I-“

    “I can play the lute! Watch!”
    She interrupted him. She swung the lute around from her back and almost poked her eye out with the end. “Ah.” She gasped silently.

    After a brief struggle of her adjusting her lute she finally began to play a harsh tune, in fact the tune was so robust that she went too hard at the lute and ended up snapping one of the strings. A horrified Alec gasped, he attempted to stop her from playing but she continued, the same way the strings on the lute continued to break.

    The bartender looked at the Little Khajiit in fascination as he listened to the beats of the now two stringed instrument.

    Finally the last string broke and she took a very fast bow, her pupils were wide. She huffed a little whilst waiting for an answer.

    “……. well I……” Alec attempted to find words. He chuckled to himself quietly at his speechlessness. “Usually I’m never lost at words…. but-“

    “I call it ‘Brynjolf’s a Stupid Red Git” she presented the title as if it were in the air above her.

    “Well… I certainly see the passion in it….. Though I’ve never seen someone so angry-“

    “That’s because I was! Anyway- Did you like iiiiiiitttt?” She raised her tail.

    “Ummm…” he stared at the now stringless lute and gave out a little squeal.

    “I thought it was marvellous” the bartender suddenly began, he clapped at the Little Khajiit.

    “Really!?!!!” Her ears perked.

    “Indeed, it really sets the mood to the club…”

    The prince stared at he bartender in utter shock. “Sets the mood!?!… I mean… yes if you want to break a perfectly marvellous instrument… but-“

    “You didn’t like it!?!!” The Khajiit furrowed her brows.

    “No it’s not that… it’s just got a peculiar style tha-“

    “Look, no point in lying to her!” The bartender interrupted him.

    “Look, if it’s your style that’s perfectly fine! We all have a style! I’d be happy to tutor you on mi-“

    “YES PLEASE!” The Khajiit jumped for joy at the sound of tutor. “I promise you! Come next week you’ll be so impressed! You’ll give me your hat!”

    “Alright then…. we’ll, first things first! We fix your lute!… you can’t exactly practice with no strings!” He chuckled slightly.

    She nodded in excitement and left, urging the Prince of song to follow her.

    As soon as they departed the deteriorated club became quiet again, with only the bartender whistling the tune the Little Khajiit played earlier.

    “I’m betting 10 septims, he’ll be done with her in 3 days.” He whispered quietly to himself.

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