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    Add your 3.0 Screenshots.



    On our way to save Karnwyr.

    ^^^ I turn my back for two minutes and end up running to save twinkle toes because he waltzed into a Giants camp and slapped a mammoth with his knife. ^^^^


    “Why were you slapping a mammoth with your knife?”

    “I wasn’t slapping it! I lost my footing and fell into the camp, It charged at me, so I defended myself. Next minute I was flying. Anyway, what you complaining about?! You got your lucky giant’s toe.”

    “Lucky?! Bish, I think you’re getting confused. it’s a rabbits foot that’s supposed to be lucky.”



    When you see the wicked gleam in his eyes, and you just know he’s gonna start trouble.

    So, she’s the Dragonborn….


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