Characters, Music, Outfits and Creatures to be Featured in Forbidden Love

The Adhartra

It is said that there roams a beast within the forests of High Rock that was so agile and ferocious that not even The Hunting Grounds could contain it. Believed to be one of Hircine’s creations, it appears to be a combination of many different animals, including a sabre cat, a deer and a bull. While it excludes itself to the far depths of the forest, it is extremely territorial, and hostile to anything and everything that comes within it’s domain. The Adhartra is fast, powerful and endurant. The perfect predator that only the Huntsman God could conceive. Many hunters have sought out the head of this rare creature, but none have returned.

The Elder Lamia

Believed to be a remnant of ColdHarbour, this massive Lamia beast has made underground waterways its home for centuries, devouring any would be explorer it finds. While it has many similar features to the Lamia of old times, it is unknown what it’s true connection to them is. Some believe it is an ancient Lamia that has grown past it’s humanoid features, while others believe it to be a Deity to Lamia, once worshiped by the serpent women. The beast resides deep within ancient ruins, surrounded by the skeletal remains of long dead Lamia. Whether these bodies died of other causes, or were the victims of the Elder Lamia is unknown.


The effect of the Nymphs smile was truly magical. Her body was, of course, perfect; her face lovely and serene; her hair like silk flame. But until she smiled, she was beautiful in the abstract, a perfect statue by a master. The smile made her approachable and, thus, terrifying. Beautiful, captivating, deadly… These rare creatures can normally be found keeping to themselves in Grottos, and deeply forested areas. They are hard to find, and even harder to speak to. Normally using powerful magic, Nymphs tend to attack anyone on sight. Taking rare moments to subdue and kill male combatants.

Mustasurma “The Black Death”

It has been told for many years that the black sky has belonged to one creature for centuries. It has belonged to the Mustasurma, The Black Death. If you hear it speak, run. If you hear it call, hide. Fore only a thousand arrows know its name. If you speak its name, than the creature will know yours.


While making Skyrim Romance 3.0, an idea had been on our mind for some time, one much bigger. We decided it would be best to wait until the Skyrim Romance 3.0 was complete before we delved into the project known as Forbidden Love, Cael’s romance story.

We put a heap of work and time into Bishop’s tale, now we plan to pour our hearts out into this next mod!
Forbidden Love features our soft spoken and clever Chieftain, Cael. Not only is the lead writer for this mod a published author, but he is the very voice of Cael. Placed along the border of Skyrim and High Rock, lays Cael’s village, where you can learn about, as well as become, a forsworn. Creatures never before seen in Skyrim to be discovered, along with characters with a little story of their own. This mod is to be five times larger than the one before!

Just as Skyrim Romance, this will be fully voice acted, with custom animations, outfits, and more! We feel such pride for our writers, voice actors, modders, modelers, artists, animators, all of our teams really! This task is going to take a lot of hard working people, so we welcome anyone who wishes to try out to feel free to. If you think you have what it takes, then we think you should try out!