Good morning Skyrim Romance Community!  So sorry we have been away from the blog for quite some time, but we have some exciting news!  In our silence Mara has been working day and night with the Forbidden Love teams making the incredible storyline, world space, unique NPCs, professional voice acting, new creatures, new outfits, and animations. Mara has been completely immersed in the work and now we’re coming forward to excitedly announce the upcoming website redesign, sneak peek videos, and newly released Forbidden Love content. We have so much to show you guys and you are going to love it!  Stay tuned!

First and foremost will be the site redesign, it will be done one page at a time. We are jumping from our whites and grays to some darker colors to really give the site a sleek feel. In this time the site may run into issues from the changes, please do not worry; we’ll handle it all.


Around the time during the site redesign or after, we will be announcing plenty of updates on Forbidden Love and more! We’ve been so excited to show it to you all, we’re sorry to hold it back so long! We hope you love what is to come.


Article by Mara and Eboni

Edited by Eboni

Cover Art by Mara and Caustic witch