Good evening everyone,

I am so happy to announce my new series of Forbidden Love Sneak Peaks! I plan to release a few every month to keep you all updated on the progress of the mod. I have made it my goal and that of the team to complete Forbidden Love this year, in 2018! Crazy?! Maybe! I am striving for some great productivity, teamwork, determination and accomplishment to make it the best I can for the 2018 release of Forbidden Love. If we find the need for new features, scenes, and quests, we can always add more with future updates. Six official writers and six official voice actors have already been cast, and more being brought on the team daily. We have also completed 4 major quests of the timeline, multiple character side quests, and location traveling dialogue with Cael. We are growing strong and working hard. We’re already moving with great speed and progress in 2018 and we are only in January. Bravo Forbidden Love Team!


In the first Forbidden Love Sneak Peak, I focus on the Rudahan Forests and Cael’s Throne. With such a vast world-space to fill with wondrous things, it takes a long amount of time to construct. The forest includes custom trees, grass, flowers, leaves, bark, moss, and new plants never before seen in Skyrim. My goal is to create a very unique atmosphere that not only looks, but feels different than a typical Skyrim pine forest. Soon, it will be teaming with wildlife and forest-beings that dwell within its depths. The next location is the Mighty Throne of Cael. Within the cliffs of the Reach, a sacred tree has grown around the ancient ruins of a long lost civilization. Upon his throne sits the mighty Chieftain Cael, wearing one of his many Chieftain garments that is constructed in leather, tooth, claw and bone. Before him, Forsworn warriors guard the area with fire of a mysterious light, keeping the cavern lit.

Hope you enjoy the video below and have a great day,