On the Forbidden Love Team, we have a cast of wonderful artists that give their time and hard work to us simply because of their love for the project. With every new assignment, we are wowed with the results they give and are ecstatic to get our modelers to work on bringing their art into the 3D game world! An array of beautiful outfits have been drawn, as well as breathtaking landscape, interior design, and so much more. They help make this project all come together, just like the rest of our fantastic team! With all this skill, it makes us think of what other fresh talent we can bring into the team. Any help is great help, we appreciate it all! We put all the effort we can into this project for only the passion of it, we know there are more people in our fanbase that are just as passionate! We would love to see what you got for this project, so feel free to contact us so you can try out for the team, we’ll be waiting excitedly. For now, take a look at some work from our artist team, they really outdone themselves!

If you are interested in joining the Art Team please email Mara at admin@skyrimromance.com

Tribal Concept Outfits

Rudahan – village of the Elk – color: black 

Muinfang – village of the Sabercat – color: blue 

Madanah – village of the Wolf  – color: red 

Fhada – village of the Mammoth – color: green 

Gladah – village of the Bear – color: yellow 

Radan – village of the Skeever – color: orange 

Artwork by Euclesia

Muinfang Villager by MessiArti

Villager Concept Art by Torok

Villager Outfit by AeehyehssReeper

Concept Tribal Oufits by Alannapendragon

Villager Sketch Concept by Nissa