Forbidden Love Concept Art – Animals & Creatures

One of my most favorite parts of this mod is the land of Rudahan and the immense adventure it has to be explored.  Seeking out new creatures and animals brings a unique and dangerous aspect to how the player will experience this massive new world space.  With the aid of Forbidden Love’s artists we are able to capture the concept creations of these exciting new glimpses of the wildlife that will be encountered.  Please enjoy our amazing teams artwork that features Animals & Creatures of Rudahan!


Art by Essylrui
Only the most unfortunate of farmers know of it’s name. Even less know of its sight. Not known for its attacks on man or mer, it is still known to have caused the deaths of hundreds due to famine. Also know as the Flying Wolves, this beast mostly kills cattle but has been known to attack anything in groups. While rare, they will fight in packs when found in the wild

Art by Meline


Wild horse

Art by Arsirin

Rolling Thunder (Written by Ruby)

Through the burnt orange light of the morning sun you see them, the pounding of their feet as they kick up the soft terrain beneath them, a light mist of dust forming around those long toned legs. Over and over their strong hooves pound at the ground as they run, like thunder they roll as one, free, wild, powerful, magnificent creatures. Their soft fur glistens in the sun and they run, the wind ruffles their manes, their speed unchecked by any eyes save their own, long tails whipping behind them. They are majestic, untamed, the raw embodiment of strength, they are the lost, abandoned and native. Traveling in groups lead by the strongest of their kind, they are horses.

Wild horses are one of the most fascinating and beautiful things one can hope to see and those in Skyrim are no exception. Many try to claim these beasts as their own, use them to plow their fields, pull their carriages or simply carry them into battle, but taming a wild horse is not a task for the faint at heart. Even approaching the heard could cost you your life, as the leader eyes down oncoming threats, ready to fight, to protect his heard.

Those lucky enough to catch one of these fine beasts and tame it, gain the friendship and trust of a steed who will stop at nothing to keep its master from danger and in times like these, that companion might be the difference between life and death.

Art by Essylrui
Black Horn creature, it devours dead animals and people souls. Drops huge amount of soul shards.


Art by

Kornelija Kikalaite

This is a pack animal that is roughly the size of a medium-sized dog. It has an omnivorous diet and prefers to eat meat, but on some occasions it resorts to eating vegetation when meat isn’t available. It tends to stay away from any civilization and will attack if provoked.

Art by Arsirin

Art by Rain

Lesser Cockatrice, with a Blackreach design.  About the size of a Brahma Chicken, they travel in packs of 5-10. Very bold and attacks prey with teamwork. Wouldn’t recommend traveling alone when in their territory. Generally resides within caves, but comes out at night to hunt in the forest. Very aggressive and territorial. They have two pairs of eyes, one pair uses night vision and the other uses a type of heat vision. Colors are usually a range of greys, browns and green ish tones, but in darkness, they glow very vibrantly. Active only at night, or in caves. Can cause temporary blindness with a flash attack utilizing either their throats or fan on back of tail, then they jump in for the kill. Their saliva has a toxin, while not fatal, it can cause a temporary reduction in speed and drains stamina.

They usually wander in their groups, but sometimes follow a Greater Cockatrice, in which case the group drastically increases in numbers ranging up into the 20-30’s. The Greater Cockatrice’s territory is much larger than their smaller counterparts. Usually only one or two per region in each hold.


Art by Rain

Boar, has two pair of tusks, easier to root into dirt for food. Comes in a couple different colors such as: red, black, brown, grey, and occasionally a white one has been seen as well! Tusks get larger as the boar ages, and are used for carving out jewelry, as they are a much easier source of ivory to access unlike the mammoths.

Art by Rain

Brush Pheasants in a pair. Typically hunted for their delicious meats. The females are more brown, less vibrant and lack the blue eyes that the males possess on their feathers. While the males are a teal color and have two rows of feathers that fan out like a peacock during mating season. This species typically resides in the shrubbery of large forests, easy to spot due to their bright blue tails. They are ground dwellers, rarely taking flight due to their plump size. Easy to hunt due to their docile nature. The feathers are considered valuable for decoration and adornments.

Art by Rain

Just some butterflies for variety in Forbidden Love! Some of them appear at certain times like dawn, dusk, and midnight!

In order, each species names are:

1. Copperspeck  2. Dewdrop

3. Crimson Kite   4. Snowfly

5. Greensprout  6. Crow’s Eye

7. Dawn’s Ray   8. Tiger Swallowtail

Grandfather Spriggan

Art by

Kornelija Kikalaite

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  1. EtherealLights December 25, 2017 at 10:39 pm - Reply

    I’m so excited for Forbidden Love! The artwork for the creatures is spectacular! Can’t wait. >.<'

  2. Tava December 7, 2017 at 10:26 pm - Reply

    Wow!! Such amazing art and talent! I get more excited for Forbidden Love with every post! <3

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