Bit of an update, we’ve got auditions coming in from other websites so if you’ve auditioned for a part that isn’t stricken out you’re still being considered.

 Feel free to check out the characters below!  If you think you would be a good fit, send us an email at with a recording in wav. or mp3. format with your best interpretation of that character.  Make sure your voice recording is very good with no background noise!  Thank you!

If you would rather have a few lines of your chosen character rather than provide a voice reel or interpretation, please email us and we’ll see what we can do.


Name: Adriel

Age: Late 20’s, early 30’s

Race: Breton or Imperial

Hair: Auburn. Jaw length. Easily gets in his eyes.

Eyes: Darkest brown

Voice: Soft british accent, calm & condescending tone. Slow, thoughtful pace as if thinking about each sentence before he says it.

Personality: Intelligent, organised. Takes his work very seriously. Has self-confidence to the point of being arrogant. He only accepts contracts if he knows the person deserves it. Uses threats to keep others away but would never hurt anyone without provocation. Can be extremely sadistic/dark.

Clothing: Can be seen wearing anything from robes to heavy armor. Usually wears a hood when working.

Wings: Dark Brotherhood killed Adriel’s sister, a devout priestess of Kynareth. Kynareth blessed him with wings and chose him as a defender of her realm, cleansing the evil-hearted from her lands.


Forbidden Love Auditions:

Strike-throughs mean we are no longer taking auditions for that role.

  • Roule40
    Roule –
     Briarheart = An exalted living weapon with no will or emotion other than vengeance of his people. However, Roule remembers and feels more than he lets on. A rulebreaker who kept to himself, he was always a daunting teenager to young Cael. When they were adults he was a thoughtful and loyal warrior who could be relied on, but was even less talkative than Jakkal. He made a sacrifice larger than all of them in the name of vengeance, just when Cael was noticing something develop between the austere warrior and their city spy. Whatever that was, it made everything complicated and cost them their Hagraven. Roule is now Cael’s weapon of mass destruction and invaluable prowess, but his story is a reminder to the Chieftain of what happens when control is lost.
  • Eoran40
    Eoran – Being unusually tall and Elfin for a Breton makes this one prefer to stay hunched over his smithing equipment. His silence is mistaken for ignorance so when he speaks a phrase more eloquent than Cael, everybody takes a step back. As a Thalmor’s bastard he changes camps often and has done for decades, but now he may have found a reason to stay in the most unlikely of people.
  • Jakkal40
    Jakkal – He was always the strange and unearthly one even when he didn’t have one of Skyrim’s fiercest predators following him. Everything about him seems grey and ancient even though he’s not a day beyond 27. Even the hagravens avoid him. He’ll laugh and fight and joke with the rest of the camp, then when his input isn’t needed he’s utterly serene. Silent and staring, conversing with Catan, his sabrecat, through a kind of invisible link like a Bosmer. Some in the camp say he’s had one ritual too many.
  • Robin40
    Robin – Before the sparrow came along there was the robin. The chirpy assassin with a weakness for food. Her innocent manner often catches everyone by surprise when she comes out with the dirtiest innuendos, and she loves it. She was raised alongside Cael as his sister but as time went on their roles pushed apart the honourable Chieftain and the innocent but deadly shadow behind everybody’s backs. If you try to change her family, breathe your last breath.
  • Wilson – 12 year old smarty pants. He’s the unrecognised son of Aileen and Alar the former bandit, as the latter was not Forsworn at the time. Nobody hates each other more, so for the good of everybody it never happened. Wils acts cool and tough, but deep down just wants to feel loved. His radical ideas about the Forsworn are inspired by Brannan but his dedication is a mirror of what his parents never gave him.
  • Eshne40
    – The wisewoman is 31 years Cael’s senior and like him was thrust into her position early as a result of tragedy, hers being the death of her mentor in the Markarth Incident. Throughout his life she was always his source of foresight, knowledge and kindness. As well as being the village’s link to their history and pillar of tradition. She advised and guided his father, Eshne is a connection he can never lose, and that means staying rooted to the Forsworn. Her role varies from birthing to helping Cael plan wars. Without her, the village would fall apart.
  • Gourm40
    Gourm – Just like the Dragonborn, he was once an adventurer. A travelling cook in fact. Then he got into skooma related trouble, joined a Khajiit caravan, met Sheogorath and ended up a crazy chef with a cheese obsession and the speech patterns of a Khajiit. He has a vendetta against sweetrolls and his fellow cook, Blacwin. The grand hunt celebrating Cael’s 18th year was interrupted by a self-appointed annihilator of poorly-baked sweetrolls who’d eradicated the snacking guard patrol Cael’s hunters were ambushing single-handedly. Naked. None of them wanted to do away with such an impressive fighter and yet he was truly too mad to be left free. So with the promise of cooking utensils, they made him one of their own. Of course none of them expected his stews to be a rivalry to their current cook’s. Cael will never say it but Gourm is his favourite cook. Those Honey Nut Treats of his just hit the sweet spot… 

  • Blacwin – Dark Elf. He’s just as pernickety as Gourm but is around the age of 60 and believes his proper culinary training and experience makes him a better “chef.” His desire for cleanliness goes into overload in the naturally filthy Forsworn village but he will never leave. As the senior member of the village, Blacwin cooked dutifully for the village even back when Adilia was having pregnancy cravings for goat cheese and honey. He was the one who shoved a wooden bowl of steaming stew into the reclusive Cael’s hands when they got too idle for his own good and stalked off muttering about how he never cleaned them. Technically and tactically there is no need for him in the village anymore and yet Cael would never consider asking him to move on. His extra little concern for Eshne has existed for as long as Cael can remember, the way Eshne’s hut and workspace is always spick-span before dawn always makes the Chief chuckle fondly. One day he hopes his elders will exchange something other than a stew bowl.
  • Brannan40
    Brannan – The sarcastic agent of the village whose intellectual views stem from spending most of her life in civilisation as a Forsworn agent. Her insurgent opinions on how they must change their ways to succeed lead to being scorned by her own people. Only being the Briarheart Roule’s right hand keeps her here, but in more ways than one…
  • Cole and Ana – These are village’s adopted children. The villagers took both of them in after rescuing them from tragedies the Forsworn face daily. Cole is from another village that caught fire and Ana is from a Nordic bloodbath. Cole has enough energy and questions for all the Reach, whereas Ana is the shy one. She doesn’t talk much but when she does, she uses animal voices… Both have stolen the hearts of the village. Ages between 8-14.
  • Vala40
    Vala – The former prisoner became the village’s surrogate mother and one of Eshne’s apprentices when she escaped her cell during an attack on the village and healed the wounded instead of fleeing. Opinions on her are mixed but she is as kindly as she is determined. The children frustrate her more than any other, even the “mead-loving” members of the village, but they fill her heart and she will never let them leave it.
  • Helvi40
    Helvi – The village’s best hunter is as savage and direct as her arrows. She has no patience for trivial matters and likes two things; blood and Daedra. However, the latter lead to her being cursed with green skin, and combined with her muscled frame? Nobody has called her an Orc and survived unscathed. She aims to become a hagraven, but before that she must further the Forsworn cause by bearing the perfect child.
  • Coral40
    Coral – Was that only her shadow? Oh well, she’s halfway across the province anyway. Skittish, sweet and desperate not to cause offence, though as a Nord she has good reason to in a village of Forsworn… The tiny alchemist admired them all her life and took every opportunity to escape from her thuggish family of farmers and soldiers. Eoran saved her life when she fell into Cael’s camp from the rocks above by claiming her as a “Breton” and his mate.
  • Aileen40
    Aileen – If you thought Helvi was harsh, Aileen is a Forsworn warhammer. She is the Breton who most definitely is not a Redguard despite her appearance. The tireless warrior has no patience for people or purpose, but she is loyal to a fault. She has no cares for gold or men or anything material. She owes Chief Rudahan a life debt and will repay it for all her life, no matter what that chieftain’s first name is. As long as she has axes in hand, point her in a direction and watch her take down a mountain and everything in its path. Or try very hard to. Her colouring may be of a Redguard but she is a Reachman and their victory will be secured with her dying breath. She sees things only in terms of if she can kill it or not, she hates everything and feels nothing. Yet she gets flustered around her son…

  • Anu40
    Anu – He’s Cael’s brother-in-arms and the personification of a bear, both in warmth and ferocity. His judgement is balanced and his word absolute; when Cael can’t be there he’s the peacekeeper and their strongest warrior. 
    He is a big brother to most in the village but to Cael he is an irreplaceable friend. The age gap didn’t stop him from approaching 9 year old Cael and talking the future chief out of his antisocial ways. Ever since then they were as thick as thieves. They were always the ones to be found in a scuffle in the grass, and if one got into trouble, the other would be there to defend them, whether it was Cael talking Anu out of punishment or Anu taking it in Cael’s place.