Greetings fellow artists!


Forbidden Love is in need of your help! We are looking to add some wonderful artists to our team that can help bring the world of Cael’s homeland to life, be it from developing the environment, to the wildlife which reside there as well.

First and foremost, we need concept artists, these people have the role for creating artwork which portrays the visual ideas that the model and texture artists can understand, and gain inspiration from. The concept artists’ roles are especially important because they will be laying the basic foundation in which the mod will be based upon.

The assignments will range from creating creatures, weapons, armor, structures, environments, and scenery as well.

Now to the fun part!

We are in the process of creating an artist branch in the official SRM Discord for artists to gather together and discuss their ideas, show their artwork and receive constructive criticism, if they so request, for improvement as well! This is so that the artists can work together to help each other grow and develop. You will be surrounded by peers that strive to help you grow as an artist!  

First, there will be a section in which reference blogs and tutorials will be supplied, so that anyone in which needs help with an art block, or need references in general, can utilize it!

Secondly, a section in which you can post in progress work if you so desire, and your peers can give constructive critiques for parts you are wanting advice on!

And finally, there will be a section in which the final work will be posted, and a link provided underneath that links to the SRM post where the work resides in as well. So that you can show off your work to the whole SRM group!

We do hope this becomes a wonderful, and absolutely positive experience for everyone involved. As this is intended to create an environment for artists to thrive within and grow.

Feel free to join our Discord to Check out our Community and Latest Artwork!

If you are interested in joining the team, please email us at


Hope you have a wonderful day!

Skyrim Romance Team