The members of the Forbidden Love team know that you’ve all been eagerly awaiting news about the mod, and we are proud to present something big: a playthrough of the mod’s first quest has been recorded and is ready to be shared with all of you lovely sparrows!

This video will introduce you to the wild and beautiful worldspace Forbidden Love takes place in. You are ambushed and poisoned by an unknown party, and then left on the cusp of death and at the mercy of your kidnappers. Enter Cael, who rescues you and brings you back to his home village. From there, you catch a glimpse of Rudahan and its people, and soon learn of the conflict they face.

Forbidden Love is a passion project. We joined on because we’re dedicated fans and want to see it be the best it can possibly be. Everyone from the writers, voice actors, to the artists and modelers have been putting in so much effort to give you all an amazing experience. This video is a major step forward to a finished release, which we’re eager to present to the fantastic community that has been built around this mod!

Blogger: AngelAwakened

Editor and Featured Image: DaedricDoll