Do you dream of a life out on the vast blue ocean, watching the waves lap at the sides of a glorious ship you can call your own? Do you wish to not only to be the legendary Dragonborn, but a dragon-slaying pirate with a handsome bounty on your head? Do you crave that sea salt spray and the smell of gunpowder from the cannons in your everyday life? We may have the answers you seek.

In secret, our teams have been working on the base to another project we wish to make a reality. An in depth mod about living a pirates’ life in Tamriel, inspired by preexisting video games such as Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. But this is not just a mod to add a pirate experience to your game, for we wouldn’t be Skyrim Romance if we didn’t toss in a handsome love interest for you to sail with.  

In this new project – featured in the Skyrim Romance Mod – the main suitor is Jack, our favorite pirate. The very drunk that made many burst out laughing and got our ranger hilariously intoxicated. Did you ever image what he would be like as an in depth romance character? How would he win your heart, if he could at all? What would he say? How did you meet?


Have you ever thought of Jack as more than just a goofy, loveable man? Have you ever thought about how his breath on the back of your neck would feel? What he would do for you, what he would risk for you? Does he have a truly romantic side, sober or intoxicated? He has more to him, and we hope to show you this through this project.



In this story, the dragonborn can become Jack’s first mate after rising through the ranks. They will share death defying moments together, have a few bottles of rum on the sandy shore of a forgotten island, lose it all and win it all back. They will find themselves singing drunken sea shanties with their crew mates, battling at sea, and digging for lost treasure. This project will consist of customization, in both looks and functionality, of the vessel you commandeer. Travel to other parts of Tamriel with the power of wind hitting your sails, survive harsh storms, and through it all, learn his story, learn the secrets even his crew doesn’t know.


Speaking of his crew, want to meet a few of them?



Meet Malissa and Notley, two of Jack’s most trusted friends and crew members. Malissa is the main cook of the ship, but she knows how to handle a sword, and Notley is Jack’s current first mate. How are you gonna become Jack’s first mate if he already has one? Remember, anything can happen and sometimes things are not what they seem. As for the others, you’ll get to know them later.



Remember this, he is a pirate, and he has enemies. Jack has cheated and lied, killed for his crew. Someone wants him dead, someone wants to take everything and everyone he loves from him… You will first encounter this man through secret letters…



Fight with him, be his end, or die with him; you decide. This stanger will insist he knows things you do not, he knows best. Will you listen to him, or beleive Jack?



Here are a few things you will hear in this mod to be…


Notley: [Yelling from the other side of the ship as he jogs over] Captain, a word!


Jack: [At the helm] Aye, want is it, Not?


[Notley arrives by Jack’s side]


Notley: Well, Captain – and please stop calling me that – I have some… [lowers his voice so only Jack and he can hear] I have some concerns about the new lass..


Jack: Hm? You mean the dragon lady? Don’t worry me boy, that doesn’t matter! [He laughs]


Notley: Sir, she knows nothing of the sea, she is a landlubber! What do you mean that doesn’t matter, we could be shark bait with her around…


Jack: No, ya old salt. It just doesn’t matter. This isn’t real!


Notley: What?…


Jack: This! This post! It’s a prank! Have you forgotten that it is not only Easter, but April Fools as well?


Notley: Blimey, Cap, after all that writing they had to read through, you are telling me this is a prank?!


Jack: Exactly! Now [He straightens hat] I think I need something to drink! [Jack begins to sing] Yo-ho and a bottle of Jack, where are we going and will we come back!? Yo-ho, out to the sea, to find treasure you wouldn’t believe! No matter the challenge, no matter the thrill, on me map I will track. But all will be fine and time will be killed, as long as I have a bottle of Jack! [He then climbs onto the railing of the ship and jumps into the salty sea]


Hey, guys! Sorry, but we just had to do this! We hope it made for a good laugh! We have to thank Eboni for writing all this up and Abanjii for the amazing screenshots. It was a lot of fun making this… though… we have to admit this would be an incredible mod. You never know, maybe we will take on another project after Forbidden Love, but no promises! We love you all and thank you for your support, Happy Easter and April Fools!

– Skyrim Romance Team