It’s not everyday you stumble upon a mod that gives you the chance of conceiving a fully functional child. Well, today we’ll be discussing one that gives you the cutest boy that we meet in the Skyrim Romance Mod: Julian. That baby you get to carry in your character’s tummy for “nine months” [which literally took me an hour and a half to conceive but~] who then is born to be your bouncing baby boy is given the ‘Julian’ by Bishop, to honor his brother Jules. You then get the chance to go through different dialogues, asking Bishop how he and your son are doing, and where you’re able to select a dialogue to skip 6 years to Julian being, ta-da~ six years old!

Julian is one of the very first children NPC’s out there that is fully voiced in a mod. He is voiced by [the quite adorable] Jaren Machado.

Jaren Machado

Julian comes with many amazing little features: from all of the options you get to go through when your character is pregnant, to seeing how Bishop is taking up being a father when Julian is born, and finally, Julian being a young boy, dishing out sass almost fiercer than Bishop himself!

When you first meet Julian as a healthy six-year-old, you proceed to an intimate cutscene where he and Bishop are bonding. As Bishop is teaching his son to hunt for the first time, you get the first of many in-depth glimpses of the sweet moments between your sassy child and brooding ranger. You’ll soon see that Julian has no trouble whatsoever dishing the sass back to his father.

Bishop: Hah! You would, maybe. But a man dying from the angry Thu’um of his wife isn’t particularly honor-worthy.

Julian: You’re just saying that because you don’t believe in honor, you milk-drinker.

Bishop:Watch your mouth, you were drinking milk yourself five minutes ago.

Julian: Uhhh yeah, so?…

Julian comes with over 16 different individual, heart-melting greetings for your Dragonborn upon your arrival home. There are also several cutscenes with Bishop, your Dragonborn, and Julian spending time together. A personal favorite of mine is one where you tell Julian a story before he goes to bed, complete with multiple choices of how the story reads while Julian lays in bed listening.

Another amazing addition to your Honeymoon Cottage, that is almost amazing as Julian himself, is his bedroom. From the cute plushies and toys, to the adorable drawings he has of you and his father scattered about, Julian’s room is just perfect for the son of the Dragonborn.

Julian loves to draw and a favorite part of his character design, by many people, is the random drawings he has hanging in his bedroom, as well as the ones he’ll give to your Dragonborn when they come home and speak to him.

Julian is a very savvy and observant child. He has a ton of reactions to your Dragonborn, like if your character is sneaking, if they are wounded or diseased, even if you’re walking around naked! [Trust me it’s funny.] He has reactions for almost anything, all the way down to when your Dragonborn become the Thieves Guild Master.

The options with Julian are seemingly endless and there is never a dull moment in your Dragonborn’s home now that he’s arrived. From having Julian give Eira a bath [and catching him lie about it], to the way he tries to coax you into giving him a gift by telling you your eyes are prettier than Bishop’s! Julian will quickly warm your heart; and, for many, to the point that they’ll never want to leave him behind.

by DeskiEs

Editor: la nymphet

Featured Image: 707

Julians Artwork by Avis