Thank you so much for cheering us on all this time, it brings that much more passion into our projects. I’m sure plenty of the team members didn’t expect such a large amount of people to praise our work. Years have gone by and we still can’t believe it, it’s so breathtaking. Our team works so hard to give everyone a rich mod experience Skyrim deserves, not to mention without asking for a single penny in return for their efforts. Gods bless you all, team members and fans alike! Sadly, it seems we have ran into a problem. Our website was not something we could obtain for free. Mara tends to pay from her pocket to fund the site and keep it running. The Skyrim Romance and Forbidden Love Team never asks for money personally to fund our work, but only to keep maintenance on the site up to date. If we can raise $204.00, another yearly fee will be paid off! Please only donate if you are financially able to give and we will be truly grateful to have even the smallest amount. Thank all of you for your kindness and have a wonderful day.

Thank you,

Skyrim Romance Team

For our iFly Chatroom billing information see below…


As far as pricing goes Basic seems to the best option.  We can have 60 Simultaneous Users, No Branding from other Sites, Single Sign-On, Popup Chat, Tab Synchronization, Chat Moderation (No Trolls), Unlimited Chatrooms, and Global Embeded Chatroom.

The Basic is $19 a month, but we purchase a 1 Year Plan we get 10% off.

So the amount for a the iFlyChat comes out to be a $204.00


If we can raise $204.00 we can renew our Chatroom for a whole year!

I believe having the Chatroom brings us closer together as a community.  A fun, positive, and wonderful way for us all to get together to goof around, discuss games, role-play and mods,  to develop relationships and friendships with other gamers.

We’re not asking for donations for the mod Skyrim Romance or Forbidden Love.  We’re only asking for donations to keep our Chatroom so we can all enjoy it together!

It might take some time to raise $204.00, a dollar here and there are little steps but we’ll get there eventually!

Thank you for your contribution!

Featured Images by Causticwitch & Beliagof