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Feel free to ask any questions you have!  I love answering them!  If you want to send a personal comment to one of the voice actors or writers feel free to send me a comment and I will make sure it gets to them.  If you want to get involved I’d love for you to be part of the team send me a email and we’ll find a part for you.

– Mara, the Creator of The Skyrim Romance Mod

For Bugs and Questions about Skyrim Romance contact Mara at: wingedtwilightofthedawn@outlook.com

For anything Forbidden Love related contact AlassinSane at: skyrimromance@outlook.com

Bit of a confusing set-up for now but adhere to the terms set above. If you send any bug/glitch questions to me, I won’t be able to answer them as modding is not my scene. – AlassinSane