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1. Is CR made by the same person who made SRM and FL?

No. Casavir Romance (CR) is completely written, modded, and designed by myself (TyroScribe) and my team. I was inspired to start the project by SRM and Mara, but CR is very much so its own project. The only things the two projects have in common are the idea of the character Casavir and certain key moments such as the ball and a couple others.

2. But you share the same web space with SRM. Is Mara really okay with that? 

She is definitely fine with it! I have her blessing and her assistance in getting this set up. I am grateful to her for allowing CR to be here and for all her help.  

3. Why did you change Casavir’s appearance from SRM’s version?

I wanted a character that more fully conformed to my ideas of who Casavir is. As most people do, I have my own preferences on what he should look like and how he should act. In fact, that’s why I started this project in the first place. As such, a new appearance was something I felt was in order for him. Although he looks different from SRM’s Casavir, they do still share some things, including the fact that they’re both Paladins. The only major changes I have made are to his appearance, his voice, and I have necessarily fleshed out his personality and history more to suit the needs of a mod designed specifically with him in mind.

4. I want to help with the project. What are my options?

First of all, thank you very much for your interest in my project! If you’d like to help, feel free to email me at and we can discuss ways you can be of assistance. If you do, I encourage you to tell me what kinds of specific things you’re interested in since I more often than not prefer to give people tasks they find enjoyable instead of arbitrarily assigning things to people. That means telling me if you like to write, draw, or whatever your particular preference/skill might be.

If you know for sure that you’d potentially like to be a voice actor for the mod, please visit the following address to audition for the various roles available:

5. Will this mod be compatible with SRM and FL in the future?

CR certainly will be compatible with those mods! They have nothing to do with each other on a technical level and CR does not rely on any of their assets to function properly.

6. Will I need any additional mods installed for CR to function? And how about DLCs?

The only mod in addition to Casavir Romance itself you will need is this one: “Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions” mod by TMPhoenix. It will give you the ability to adopt children using the vanilla system and have them live with you and Casavir if you’d like. It will be fully compatible with that mod. As far as DLCs are concerned, you’ll need all the official Bethesda ones (Hearthfires, Dragonborn, and Dawnguard) since aspects of the mod use scripts and models from them. 

7. Do I have to pay anything to play CR?

Of course not! Everything is non-profit and free to play. This is just for fun, people! 😀

8. How did you create the story in the mod for Casavir?

I was inspired mainly by the deleted content that would have been featured in “Neverwinter Nights 2” had it not been cut. I have taken the most fundamental, basic elements of it and twisted them/filled in details that are of my creation in order to make it distinct and my own. In this way, it is its own story and it is why I say the deleted content inspired it, but it is no where near an exact copy. There are many differences and all I did was take the basic premise of it to base my own story around. If you’d like to learn more about those differences, please click the button below this question to be taken to a pop up box where I will explain it, but do not click it if you don’t want spoilers! I have also supplied my Casavir with a different backstory in terms of his family that does not exist in the original game and you will be able to learn about as you play through the mod. As far as Aribeth and Cullen are concerned, they are loosely based on their counterparts from “Neverwinter Nights” and “Dragon Age Origins and Inquisition,” but again, there are enough differences to where they too are not exact copies. In fact, both of them even have different last names than the originals’ (it is also worth noting that I have done the same with my Casavir. He also has a last name whereas the original one does not even have one at all). With all three of these characters, I totally respect the games where they originally come from, the developers who created them (Obsidian Entertainment and Bioware, to whom I am eternally grateful for creating the amazing games they have over the years), and I do not claim any type of ownership over the original characters. That honor alone belongs to those game makers and it is my hope that I have been as transparent as possible. This mod has been and will forever remain a fan made, non-profit/non revenue making production that I have started for fun only and merely wish to share with you, the gaming/modding community. It is an interactive fan-fiction: nothing more, nothing less. 

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