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I have a sample of some excellent writing to share with you, one of our most popular forums here on the Skyrim Romance site is our 18+ stories, art and screenshots!  My friend and assistant Eboni has written a very sexy short story between the Dragonborn and Bishop.  Please enjoy a short part taken from her story, Campfire Flames.

Warning 18+ Content Below

“Bishop, we… we’re in the middle of the woods a-and-” she tried to come up with a reason to deny his actions, any excuse, but she stopped when a growl rumbled low in his chest.

“Dragonborn, you run all across Skyrim risking hide and hair to do the bidding of anyone who simply asks you. From killing off the leader of a bandit army to retrieving a rusty flagon from a draugr infested ruin. You help everyone around you and bite your tongue to spare their feelings…” he paused in his speech as he brushed all of her fiery tresses to rest over her left shoulder, leaving the right side of her neck fully exposed. “For once, forget about all that and do something for yourself” his words were a little bitter, but rang some truth. She spends so much of her time thinking about others that she forgets to think about herself. Finding out you’re the Dragonborn puts a ton of sudden responsibility on someone; she had this mind set that she was created to serve and protect.

“I-I…” She stammered, she wasn’t a shy person, but this situation left her speechless.

“If you really don’t want this, then just tell me. If you want me off you, say it” he stated, with full honesty, expecting her to do just that. But when not a single word left her mouth, he took it as a sign she had no complaints to give, so he placed his lips against her bare skin again, leaving a trail of hot open mouth kisses in his wake. A whimper was heard from the Dragonborn, reminding him of the sounds she made earlier, he wanted to hear them again.

He began to suck and nibble at her neck, tracing his tongue over the mark he made. His hands moved under her shirt, lightly brushing over her skin as he felt the occasional scar on her smooth body. He gently cupped her breasts in his large hands, causing her to softly, but sharply inhale. She didn’t resist, nor show signs of wanting to, so he squeezed the supple and firm mounds of flesh on her chest, massaging them. Taking her hardening buds in between his thumbs and forefingers, he tugged them gingerly. The Dragonborn’s bottom lip was bound by her teeth, willing herself to keep herself quite. But this only made Bishop grip her chest with more vigor to encourage her to let out her caged moans. Her breathing picked up pace due to excitement, she shut her bright eyes, and she leaned back into his chest, giving him a better view of her flushed face. A smirk curved the corners of his mouth and he moved his left hand out from under her shirt, using it to turn her head to him. He ghosted his lips over hers, her eyes snapping open to be met with his. Shining emeralds stared back into pools of golden honey, beginning a heated stare down that felt like it lasted years, yet it was only seconds. He waited for her to respond to his actions; this was the point of no return, if she acted on her desires, she would be swallowed up in the flames of his lust.

She glanced down at his lips, licking her own anxiously, then linked eyes with him again, seeing that his had narrowed at her, his confidence shining through. Her mind was fuzzy as her eyes fluttered close and she filled the distance. Bishop acted quickly, leading her in an agonizingly slow embrace of the lips. She fell into step with this teasing and blissful dance, fully aware of all the moves. She tossed away all her doubts and the bickering in the back of her head, letting herself get lost in the kiss. He smiled wickedly into the kiss, moving his nondominant hand to rub over the fabric that failed to conceal the heat growing between her toned thighs. Through all this stimulation, he got what he was looking for; she moaned against his mouth, her lips parting unconsciously. He took this opportunity to slip his tongue into her mouth and explore the space inside lazily. She weakly fought with the muscle he had moved past her swollen lips, the kiss becoming more aggressive as they went on. She whimpered and moaned, her hips squirming, when still teasingly he stroked the heat under her trousers. He listened to her unspoken begging and easily removed her belt, throwing it off to the side and slide his hand, unhurriedly, down her stomach and into her pants, delving under the cloth of her undergarments. She gripped his knee when he pushed two fingers into her entrance, breaking away from the kiss to gasp, though he left them motionless. He chuckled and roughly squeezed her breasts, moving his face to the crook of her neck and subtly taking in her scent. He closed his eyes when doing so and images of honeysuckles and strawberries filled his mind, her aroma was intoxicating. He felt so much pleasure, and it confused him a tad, making him inquire mentally how he could feel such pleasure when he was doing all the work.

“You’ve needed this for a long time, hm?” he stayed quiet after his question, so she hesitantly nodded to see what else he had to say. “You should really stop neglecting your needs and desires. It’s only natural to want these kinds of things, ladyship” he purred seductively into her ear…

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Note from Eboni: Hello, lovelies! I appreciate you all taking a look at my short story, I had a lot of fun writing it. I normally don’t post what I write and just keep it for myself; I just practice my writing skills for the fun of it. But I decided to post this one, and make it the starter to a whole series of short stories – simply titled Skyrim Romance//Bishop Short Stories. Down below you can find links to my Wattpad account, the short story series, and a link straight to Campfire Flames. I hope you enjoy reading the rest of the story and perhaps everything else I write if you follow me.

Eboni’s Wattpad Account: https://www.wattpad.com/user/Ethereal_Fox

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