A man clad in the furs of fallen beasts stands tall on a rock, a crowd of his brethren gathering before him, eager to listen.

“Brothers and Sisters of Rudahan, lend me your ears while I tell you of an event to take place soon,” the man atop the stone spoke with strength in his voice. “Soon, our wise Chieftain will throw a festival for us to enjoy one another’s company and to dine on a bountiful feast. We must get to work to set up preparations for this glorious day!” the crowd roars with cheers of excitement, the children of the village showing great enthusiasm to the idea.

The man to announce this idea motioned for the crowd to quiet, for he had more to say of this occasion. “Yes, my clan members, we shall celebrate and give thanks to what we have! But, our chief, he has invited guests to this gathering. Guests not from our village. He calls them… ‘His Sparrows’. People he trusts to come here in peace to join us, so we have much to do! Everyone, begin your work, do your part! Let us show these Sparrows how the forsworn celebrate!” with that, another rumble of applause came from the village and they began to work towards readying their home for the new comers.

Hope you enjoyed that little bit to help you visualize everything! On November the 25, 2017 3-4:00 am Pacific Time (It is am and not pm), a role-play party will be held to celebrate Thanksgiving. Come join us and our beloved Chieftain Cael, introduce yourself or reconnect if you have met him before. A link is below to help you calculate at what time the role play party will be held in your time zone. Can’t wait to see you!