As the mod Forbidden Love grows and achieves greater heights so does the responsibility and accomplishments of our Team.  But through all the hard work a particular writer has shown herself extremely dedicated and driven to accomplish the writing for Forbidden Love.  As Creator of the mod I’ve taken many things upon myself to do on my own, but with two mods on the rise I have found AlassinSane to have taken the difficult role of leadership managing the writing team “Navy Seal Team” of Forbidden Love.  She has immersed herself into the lore of the story-line, depth of the characters and down to the most intimate details.  She has voluntarily taken charge of the casting of voice actors to find the perfect fit for each character.  She even has extended herself to learn some of the Creation Kit to build onto the ever expanding Village.

Through her immense talent and her desire for the challenge she has proven herself worthy of Lead Writer of Forbidden Love.  A title that will follow wherever the mod goes and will always be a part of who she is.  The mod Forbidden Love will always be her legacy of her talent and example of fine leadership.

Once everyone gets to enjoy the depth of the characters and beauty of the story-line they will full be able to appreciate the hard work and dedication put into it by this team, myself and of course our Lead Writer AlassinSane.