This was due 3 days ago but alas, the team is incredibly busy with personal lives and making great progress with the 2.1 update. As such, there won’t be another competition for this month.



I got my writing team together to read all of the submissions for the writing contest. It took 6 of us. Wow, that was a big turn-out!

Firstly we have to say that each submission was a joy to read because it was your unique take on the mod! Also, big props to the non-native speakers who participated even with the language barrier!

It was around 87,000 words to get through and we had many differing opinions on whose we liked best. But for the winner, our decision was unanimous.

Even though her submission was just a beginning, to me it felt like a complete story. It had a beginning, middle, and end. There was humour, wit, characterisation, the displays of strengths and weaknesses from her character and Bishop, an almost gory sense of realism and had a clear display of the start of their relationship.


A huge congratulations to @gisladovakin! Contact @avis to discuss the details of what scene from your story that you would like for her to draw as your prize.

You can read her submission here: 

Also, a shoutout to @airdanteine. I’m still not quite sure how to process what I just read but thank you so much for submitting it. You almost killed our team with laughter. Thought you’d like to know! ;D


Thanks to everyone who participated!

– AlassinSane