Hello Everyone,

It’s so exciting to see our new community grow and thrive with new faces and friends.  I am going to congratulate some new team members that have been given important jobs in the community.

Avis is now our Art Director!  Her amazing artwork and sweet personality has won our hearts.  When she came forward today asking for the role we just had to say yes!  Congratulations!

Also,  our new amazing new chat moderators Iris and Ruru have been promoted to keep trolls off the chat 24/7.  Thank you guys for keeping our community safe!  Also thank you to current moderator Jasmine for also doing so!

New Writers have now been chosen to join Forbidden Love’s writing team!  A huge congratulations to Elise, Velf and Lala for being chosen!

Also a huge thank you to our characters that stop by in the chat to talk with the other chatters Cael, Bishop, Thorn and Casavir.

Now to give everyone updates,  the Skyrim Romance Animated Version was put on temporarily delay when our friend Vixan had to attend to other matters.  Since then a very nice gentleman that you might know named milzschnitte author of BeeingFemale stepped into help finish the process.  I am proud to announce that he has made great success in finishing almost all of the scripting to make the animations play smoothly.  The only animation that remains to be scripted is the ballroom dance which is extremely tricky to even do in real life.   So thank you everyone for being so patient, you are the best!

Forbidden Love has been heavily developed with the completion of Skyrim Romance 2.0 as I create the beautiful, enchanting land that Chief Cael rules.  I will post some snippets when I feel I am ready, but I am happy to announce that it is a completely new world space that has it’s own uniqueness that sets it apart from the normal Skyrim terrain.

Thank you guys for being the best community out there I hope you have a wonderful day!


PS.  Amazing video made by Shandris Moonsong

Watch it to find out her journey through Skyrim Romance 🙂

Featured Image by Avis <3

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