Role-Playing Chatroom Party!

You are cordially invited to attend a special event featuring the characters you have come to know and love Bishop, Cael and Casavir. As they join the community in the RP Chatroom to interact with the fans of Skyrim Romance! Only members can attend so sign up today if you do not have an account! Our chatrooms have a limit on 60 members on at a time. So come join us on October 16th, 2016 at 12:00 PM Pacific time this Sunday to have a party and celebrate our community!

Skyrim Romance 3.0 Update

As Skyrim Romance 3.0 comes to its close and the release date gets closer. We say farewell to those who have finished their contributions to the mod. I would like to thank AlassinSane, Avis and Iris for a good job well done as we wish you well on your future endeavors. As your lives continue on your own separate paths, remember you have a home here among the community you have helped grow and inspire. Your work and dedication will be remembered and loved for years to come.

Yet as Creator of Skyrim Romance my journey has never ended to build, perfect and finish Skyrim Romance 3.0. The journey has been long and the patience of the community has been ever forgiving, which I am most grateful. I am proud of the masterpiece that I have made, Skyirm Romance 3.0 is unique, beautiful and will capture hearts around the world.

Forbidden Love is still on the horizon and after the completion of Skyrim Romance 3.0 I will take a much needed break before I begin on the love story of the Forsworn Chief Cael!

I want to give a special thank you to GypsyWolf1981 (author of Forged in Fire) that has agreed to help me write the finishing touches on Skyrim Romance 3.0! I want to thank my team of audio editors that have stepped forward from the community to help cut and edit the last lines Elaine, Phae, Brianna and Ladykurusu.

Thank you everyone and have a wonderful day!