So the Christmas season begins with a brand new Christmas banner featuring our favorite characters Bishop, Cael and Casavir!  They are preparing for a wonderful Christmas with snowmen, placing presents around the tree in their very stylish knit sweaters.  They aren’t the only ones working around the clock!  My team and I have finally finished touching up the last script and now the VA’s are going to finalize their last recordings!

I am so happy and proud of Skyrim Romance 3.0, it has far exceeded my wildest dreams of what this mod could become.  The stunning expanded romance story with our rugged ranger continues in a epic story that will be enjoyed for years to come!  New animations, locations, dialogue, NPCS and memories are going to be released in the new upcoming version.  I can barely contain my excitement for this Christmas season!  Can I finish the mod before the holidays?  We will see!

So come and enjoy the falling snow, good times and warmth of the Skyrim Romance Community.  See you there!

Happy Holidays!


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