Hey everyone!


As you may have seen and oggled at, our home page banner is slowly peeling back to make way for a new one, all illustrated by our flawless Art Director, Avis. This is made up of key scenes from our new update for Skyrim Romance. This was once hailed as the “Animated Version” but now it has grown to be so much more.

As for the specifics of what each panel alludes to, you will have to wait and see! Though I don’t doubt you’ll have many theories, which may be confirmed by the update itself upon release.

A new panel of the update’s banner will be unveiled every Saturday! As for when the banner is completely unveiled, well, the new update will be very close behind it!


Today’s panel shows one of the new encounters in the update, a screenshot of whom was shown recently on our Facebook page.


Have a great day and keeeeeeeeeeeep oggling!
(Apologies, my British is showing.)


– AlassinSane