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Skyrim Romance Testimonies

//Skyrim Romance Testimonies
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    To the Skyrim Romance Community

    As many of you know, I’m Mara, the creator of the Skyrim Romance mod and the owner of this site. I have been through much in my time trying to build both the mod through its various versions and this site, and I am here to say that as rewarding as those experiences have been, the most rewarding of all has been the opportunity I’ve been given to meet so many wonderful people who have truly benefitted from their time in Skyrim with Bishop.

    Many of you have trusted me with your most personal stories of how being with our favorite ranger has gotten you through some of the toughest, most challenging moments of your life. It has been my truest and most sincere honor to hear these stories and to know that the work that my team and I have done has made such a significant difference in the lives of so many. It has touched me in such a profound way that I feel words cannot do my feelings justice, but I am eternally grateful for your love, support, and devotion. To know that Skyrim Romance has made an impact the way it has and the way it will hopefully continue to have in the future encourages me beyond measure. For that reason, I thought this forum would be a great place for you to share your stories of how Skyrim Romance has helped you pull through the challenges in your lives.

    Hearing the stories I have from you all has inspired me, and I know that if others can hear yours too, they will be just as inspired. Everyone needs a little light in the darkness. Skyrim Romance has been yours. Now, I invite you to be someone else’s.  Let it shine brightly, and know that here with this community, you always have a home.


    – Mara, Creator of Skyrim Romance and Forbidden Love

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    Hello all, I am someone who suffers from Scitzo-Affective disorder,Ptsd, and depression. I will tell you the story why in the following sentences.

    When I was a young girl, I was bullied a lot at school for many things I’m sure many have had this done to them, but the bullying didn’t stop at school …. I would go visit my fathers every other weekend and during the summer time .It was not pleasant time my father was always yelling calling me names hitting me with things  and just being cruel…but he would always find a way to make me look like a liar to my mother. I was also Sodomized and molested by my fathers uncle, my dad actually acted on this but later he didn’t believe me and thought i had had relations with a boy when I said I had terrible memories of what had happened to me. So since then I have had a terrible trust with people and a deep fear of men. My Scitzo-Affective disorder is said to have been developing from my young age and made worse by my abuse …..the abuse to be frank started when I was 4. Now you know how I became this way. I will tell you now how this mod has helped me.

    When I first started playing with this mod i was not sure what to expect, but over time i noticed a good change i was understanding things more , with my scitzo-affective disorder i have trouble with emotions and occasional mental hallucination under severe stress. The skyrim romance mod has helped me along with the aid of therapy and medication that i gave now obtained and been on since 2016 has been working to better me as a functional human being. I really did learn to love and understand love …..bishops love made me feel warm and safe and less imperfect and hateful to myself….he is not a perfect man and has never strives to be, but he is a wonderful person/character. To someone like me he was what i needed that strength i was lacking for myself i found in him. I can not  describe to you how it feels exactly but to be able to understand someone else  and emotions and such has truly been rewarding for me…..I felt alone and isolated and as if i was speaking to completely different species. No more though , im not perfect yet but so far i have learned that a man can love me and my mistakes that he also hurts too and has hurt. I can now understand that I am indeed important and despite my imperfections someone has or does care for me.



    This progress along with my meds has been all thanks to you Skyrim Romance Mod Team! Thank you very much for taking time to create such a real feeling mod and taking the time to read my story. I am still a work in progress but I am happy with what I have accomplished so far with the aid of your  beautiful crafted mod. Thank you and much happiness and wishes to you all. Nox






    P.S sorry for my spelling I’m a bit slow and not very good at socializing still and I’m nervous haha .

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    My name is Diannia * Lady sparrow* and I am an addict. I  as a female had played Skyrim but I did not really feel it. The very first mod I had ever added was SRM.  Finally it felt like I was a part of something. I have had so many issues with saying my own needs and wants, this mod was not just a mod. It was what I was trying to say.

    I was on the brink of divorce, my husband was fed up with me not being able to talk about what I needed.  He watched me playing this and he understood then what I needed, Soft but strong, angry when he needed to be, and to hold me close when we finally found a few of our own answers.

    Then I came here to this website, what I found here was so amazing. I found friends. Many of you were here for me when my daddy passed away and that support stopped me from picking up the drugs again.  Mara you did not just build a mod, you built a family. For that..I am eternally thankful , I know I have friends here that bypass the game. You did that.  Drug free 4 years. Still married. I love ya gal. Thank you all of the SRM team.


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    Hi everyone my name is Christine *Wolvebane* for many years I have been single and no one has ever asked me out to do anything. Even though people have said to me many times that all I have to do is wait, but still I want to feel what it is like to be in a relationship. This mod allowed me to live my fantasies of haveing a boyfriend, husband, and having a family.

    Thanks to this website I have been able to open up to other people more in ways I couldn’t do in the real world. Because here you can talk about anything and there is always someone here willing to listen. Thanks Mara for everything. When I have a relationship I would love to have a person with all three men (Bishop, Casavir, and Cael) into one. I honestly don’t get out much and this mod made me look at the possibilities of guys I could meet out there in the real world. Here it is kind of like a family. Everyone is there for everyone. Thanks for dealing with me.



    Profile photo of LaneyLaney
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    Hello everyone.

    First I want to say thank-you to those who shared their stories. There was so much emotion in them and it takes a lot of strength to open up like that in a forum. Huge hugs. <3

    My story is pretty simple.  I’m the oldest of four who is also a mom of 4 that gets almost no time to herself (go figure). I’ve been an avid daydreamer, story writer and gamer for years. I’m a bit of an introvert in person, been called an “old soul” more times than I can count. It feels like I’ve been grown up forever. Even as a child I was always having my nose stuck in a book, scribbling on paper or had my head in the clouds while taking on responsibilities for my siblings while my friends were out riding bikes. My imagination was always my escape. Fictional characters were my comfortable best friends. Opening a favorite book was like putting on a comfy sweater on a rainy day. I enjoy my fiction to be completely unrealistic. I can’t stand books by Nicholas Sparks or anything that has a sad ending. Life is sad enough on it’s own every time you turn on the news. I want my entertainment is meant to take me away from the ordinary. 🙂

    Then I discovered RPGs and fell in love! It was a fun way to relax after a long day, being much more fun and stress relieving than just sitting watching one sitcom after another. My husband, who is also a huge gamer, actually suggested Skyrim to me for the simple fact that it was such a large world  concept and he knew I liked really long games I could take my time in doing my own thing. I sort of savor games, doing every single thing in my own timeline and can take months to complete a simple game that most people would in hours. Well, I started playing and was at first blown away. Cool visuals, enjoyed the storyline but… then I just kept getting bored. Go here. Kill that. Go here. Get reward. Go here. Kill that. Go here. Get reward. It was missing something. Something… to get me emotionally invested in actually seeing the story play out. I was used to playing things like Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter Nights etc. Games where you bantered with your NPCs, you developed friendships or deeper connections. Where you might truly feel betrayed if they turned on you etc etc. Where when the game was over you were sad and missed the fun so you just started it again.

    I was browsing Nexus Mods one day while debating actually uninstalling the game because it was lacking that personal oomph that truly hooks me on a story. Interestingly enough I had just installed the Neverwinter saga again to play through that morning. Then I saw this rather unobtrusive looking mod called Skyrim Romance. I clicked it and the description nailed exactly what I thought was missing. The personal factor. It piqued my curiosity… and to be honest since the main character was named Bishop I was hooked from the start. He was one of my favorite NPCs in another game. 😉 So, I installed it and I had no idea what I was doing. None… obviously since I beelined right for him at level 1. Ha!

    From the very start I found myself caught up in the story, I was totally hooked. Running from point A to point B wasn’t boring anymore. I got cocky quips and the occasional banter. Entering a town was different, someone else expressed opinions and criticized my choices. I started actually looking forward to the interactions, watching Bishop evolve. Meeting Casavir. Being fascinated by Cael. Suddenly it was no longer me wandering around in a sea of identical faces with regurgitated lines and duplicated voices. Suddenly there was cause and effect. Action and reaction. I had to stop and think before I chose an answer. It brought in that element of risk and excitement that comes with watching a relationship change and grow. Sometimes I laughed out loud. Sometimes I blushed. Darn that voice actor (Mr Kanoff 🙂 ) who was way too good at verbalizing innuendo and the writers for their frisky dialogues.

    Let’s be real. It’s hard sometimes as a mom to find time for yourself. Even harder than that it seems is to find something to do in that scrap of time that you can actually enjoy. Something that doesn’t leave you feeling guilty or like you’re stuck in a rut of which Netflix show to binge next while waiting for the clock to tick bedtime so you can get up and do the same thing the next day. No matter how rough a day, how stressful it gets, or how frustrated I am I know that when I finally get that time to myself I’ll be entertained, and walk away with a little smirk looking forward to the next time. It makes the mundane day to day never ending cycle of laundry, meals and homework a little less boring.

    Bottom line everyone needs something in their life they look forward to and enjoy doing that lets them break out of the rut of day to day living and just get lost a little while in pure enjoyment. SRM became that for me. A reset button.


    Profile photo of farfromtrooffarfromtroof
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    Bishop’s humor is awesome, and it’s nice to have this especially under the stress of being a student. Thank you. Your work makes me smile and all warm inside when Bishop says things.

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    Hey name is gem like my username on here, just wish to say that this mod has helped me escape reality so many times, love bishop and his humor even when he gets really cheeky, he is so funny and the other characters are amazing to, they all make the mod come to life and can make anyone want to do a new game every time or is that just me lol.

    story wise about myself hmm middle child, and really that is all i am going to say still love the mod though

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    Hey there guys. Just about everywhere I’m OMsRandom, though to my sisters,  I’m often called Ash. I have depression and possible Chiari.

    I was bullied throughout my elementary and middle school years, leaving me wondering if I shouldn’t just end it then. My sisters stopped me, thankfully, but it still echoed through my head. Our mother emotionally stunted us and often verbally abused us to get her way. It was only last year that I got Skyrim and begun to mod my games.

    Bishop and Co. helped me escape from reality whenever mother visited and a few incidents (glitches I’ve come to find out) left me dying of laughter. Bishop, his sense of humor made me crack up, and there were some points where I had even been moved to tears.

    Skyrim Romance is a perfect mod, and I hope you never decide to cancel it in the distant future. <3

    Profile photo of WolfsQuillWolfsQuill
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    I’ve always loved to read and write. Movies, games, books- anything that created its own world to get lost in was my paradise. Skyrim was like a dream come true. I’ve loved it since the moment I first clicked New Game. I always wanted to escape the real world. I wanted to go on perilous adventures, learn new languages, find lost treasures, and explore an unknown land. Why?

    Well, two reasons. Firstly, I’ve got quite the imagination and I’m very creative. Second, later on in life, I developed Major Depressive Disorder.

    Now, this isn’t a cry for attention. I’m getting help now and I’m just fine, but I do want to be honest here.

    Skyrim was a land were I finally felt like me again. I was happy, felt like I was free, and loved exploring every cave and dungeon. I kept searching for ways to immerse myself more and more into this game. Despite knowing that “running” from my problems was bad, when I played Skyrim, I felt like I didn’t have those issues. It was a way to breathe again.

    This mod? It helped. The characters were developed to feel like real people. It added another layer to Skyrim, for me. Another piece to get lost in. I fell in love with the characters; laughed when they laughed. I’ve watched this mod grow and been ridiculously excited to see where it would go next.

    So… yeah, I guess. That’s my story. You made my second life a bigger, more meaningful place. I… can’t thank you enough for that.

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    Hi my name is Tracy *leathalminxi*

    I have had skyrim since it came out, first on xbox 360 then ps4 and finally pc as I wanted to mod the game for better stories, with the research I did I found that SRM was the one to go for.

    I fell in love with your mod Mara, I have completed the story with Bishop god knows how many times, I NEVER get bored, Having the story the way it is, it has help me express my feelings more with fiance.

    Thank you Mara and the team so much for helping me.

    I cant not wait for 3.0 I know how much time, effort and love goes into making your mods as it shows when we play through them.

    A very appreciate fan <3


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    My name is Kaili and I downloaded this mod on accident. I went through nexus and downloaded a ton of random quests mods and just started going at them one at a time. When I started this quest I thought it was some kind of rape mod because wolfy boi was pretty forceful and I thought I would have to murder him at some point, but it turned out somewhat sweet. Though the forsworn guy made my blood boil, and the beef between paladin man and wolfy boi made no sense, it was a decent story. I enjoyed my time with wolfy boi and look forward for 3.0. Cheers m8ies

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    This is Ruru with a story.

    It was late 2013, December. I had a bad fight with my boyfriend that time, and we eventually broke up. Not to mention, my bestiest bestie left me with the most terrible way possible. Yeah, it wasn’t exactly the happiest month for me. I played video games to drown my sorrow, and Skyrim was one of the many games I played during that time. It was then that I saw SRM on Nexus. Curious to see what this new story mod was about, I downloaded it and played it… got swoon by the predatory man… Bishop became my new bae, though only through time. I guess he has the tendency to grow on you. I fell in love with Casavir, and became obsessed with Cael. It was then that I started to follow the mod and the website, hoping to hear about possible updates for Cael romance or Casavir add-on…. And yes, on one such day, when Mara announced Cael’s romance, I finally got the courage to take part in something greater… something that would touch people from all around the world. During these past three years, I’ve made many friends, I’ve laughed and cried with the people I’ve met while being a part of this community. I’ve made such great friends that even the loss of one doesn’t hurt anymore… even the heartache has passed and I can look into the future. I may never love a real person again, because I’ve had enough of being screwed up and stabbed in the back and what-nots, but Bishop… Bishop will always be there for me when I need him.


    Thank you Mara for this awesome mod. And for this community. Even though I’m able to do so little for it now…

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