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My Animations Are Simply Broken

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    I’ve been trying to get through the Casavir quest, but the dancing animation isn’t working no matter what I do. I’ve attempted different load orders, I’ve run FNIS after every mod, I’ve moved my skeleton lower in the load order in attempts to fix things, I even went through the whole Vanilla start to see if that would fix anything (needless to say it didn’t, since I’m writing this). I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on what in Oblivion I can do to get this to work already.

    Yours truly, someone with the modding capabilities of a brick.

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    I had issues with the ball myself. On my Third try on starting the game I unchecked all mods but the required mods needed for the Mod, and a few others I needed for my play through. And I made it through the ball. If your game is script heavy it will lag the animations or not let them play at all, or as it also done to me stuck in me in third person view.  Not sure if that is the case for you but might be worth a try.

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    If those are the Bethesda Texture Packs, get rid of them. I’ve read repetitively that they are not the best and that they eat giant amounts of FPS. You can also uninstall Netimmerse Override, it’s not needed if you use RaceMenu. You can also uncheck the SOSRacemenu plugin. (And those from the texture packs, of course.) Also, you always must empty your overwrite folder! Hover the mouse over it and right-click. Choose “create mod”. Give it a name so you know what it is (mine is called “OW data”) and activate this new “mod”. You must keep this always activated. Whenever you install or uninstall anything that relies on FNIS, you’ll have to run FNIS generator again and add the new output to this “mod” (just drag & drop)! I hope this will help!


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    Thank you very much both of you, I’ll attempt these today. Let’s hope that Talos gives my game a blessing!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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