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    Hello all! So I’ve been playing Special Edition and I decided to try something different and play as a male character. His name is Luden and he’s literally the definition of a man-whore. There’s been a lot going on in his life and in game and some things are too funny not to write down as little short stories so I figured I’d share with the community Luden’s little adventures.

    Hopefully you guys like them. 🙂

    P.S. He’s a man-whore so there will be a lot of sexual themes when he’s not out fighting things. Hey, the man has an insatiable appetite, what can I say?

    The Ultimate Boner Kill
    “Charmed.” Luden answered with a smile that the devil himself could not compete with. He almost had his night’s catch in the bag when something stirred inside him; faint, but growing. The Argonian servant was blushing with a toothy grin as she looked at the ground as if she were shy to meet his gaze. Luden’s smirk slowly diminished as he cast a hesitant gaze toward the Skyrim sky and caught a glimpse of Masser in all its beauty. Shit, he thought as the stirring inside him began to increase. His heart began to pound and his vision blurred to a rosy shade.

    “I gotta go.” He gritted his teeth at his short response, turning without another word and sprinting the length of the Solitude docks toward the only salvation he had: water. The pounding sped up and his vision was now pure crimson. It was like everything else was blocked out and his mind tunneled toward one thing. Get in the water.

    It was to his luck (debatable) that it was late and the docks had been empty save for his horny Skooma addict of an Argonian who was wandering alone for Talos knows what reason. It made it easier for his sudden burst in inhuman speed to go unnoticed despite the length of the docks being easily able to accommodate two large ships. When Luden reached the edge he wasted no time in diving head first into the black abyss beneath him. The water did little to ease his skin from the burning sensation that flowed through his blood; it was nearly time.

    His arm shot forward to part the water, swinging back to give way for his body which pushed forward from the strong kicks of his legs. All of a sudden he fell beneath the surface, releasing a short yelp as he attempted to catch his breath before being devoured by the liquid. Seconds past and the plane was broken again, this time by the massive head of an alabaster wolf with patches of tawny brown scattered about in the fur. The beast crawled onto the bank on the opposite shore, panting and soaked from effort. It looked back at the docks, observing the Argonian female look around in complete confusion only to give up after several moments and ascend toward the farmhouse above. The beast let out a long sigh that ended in a frustrated growl then whipped around and disappeared into the darkness of the marsh. A night of hunting had begun.

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    Wow. That’s a good starter

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    Manwhore did you say…? *Diana grabs desk , knuckles white, mouth watering with big eyes waiting for next post*

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    LOL. D’aww thanks guys. I wrote another one the same day I guess I’ll post it. 🙂

    This happened not long after he returned from his hunt (and lack of getting some action).



    Luden grunted and pushed open the door to Proudspire Manor, angrily kicking it closed behind him as he stepped into the house. The stale scent of musk and old hay clung to the cobblestone walls and gave him a very unpleasant slap in the face upon him entering.
    “Son of a bitch.” The Nord grumbled, flaring his nostrils as his anger began to spike. Then he got the whiff of an intruder: female, Nord, middle-aged. His brain processed all the attributes and a second later he heard a timid voice call out from behind the center wall of the living area.
    “Is that you, Thane?” A tall Nord female with steel armor and long goldilocks that came to her breasts stepped out cautiously from behind the barrier.
    “Who are you?” Luden was born with the gift of smooth talking, his words like honey and soft as a feather to anyone who was blessed with hearing his voice. Despite his authoritative tone, his face was calm and quite intrigued as his eyes hungrily feasted over the very noticeable curves she had.
    “My name is Jordis. The Jarl has assigned me to be your housecarl.” She lifted her chin a bit as she realized that she didn’t want to appear weak to this man who was gazing at her like she was prey.
    “Housecarl, eh? That’s right, I forgot I get one of you.” Luden flashed his canines in a brief, boyish smile before stepping toward her and circling her just a bit. “So you are to do my bidding as I see fit, yes?”
    Jordis nodded slowly, following his circle with her head. “I am here to serve you, my Thane.”
    Luden tsked, lifting up his index finger to wag back and forth in a disciplinary manner as his head shook to match the beat of his mouth. “Shouldn’t have said that, my dear.”
    He finally looked up from his observation to catch her eye, deep yellow eyes burning with hunger. Jordis flinched slightly, taken aback at the strength in his gaze. It was as if he were undressing her with his eyes, and quite skillfully at that. She swallowed slowly and inched forward again to meet him, determined not to back down from her oath she had sworn on her life.
    He took a step forward and grabbed the side of her breastplate, gentle pulling at the strings until they were loosened. His eyes looked down at the armor with great interest, a hooded expression causing the full length of his lashes to just touch his well defined cheekbone. Once the breastplate had loosened it fell to the floor with a loud clank, revealing the most beautiful pair of strawberry rose nipples. Luden’s canine peeked out past his lip as he looked up to meet her eyes. She returned his look, cheeks red but determination flowering within her own eyes. He wrapped his hands around her waist and pulled her close to his hips so he could lean in to touch his lips to her ear.
    “Would you be so kind as to pleasure me with your mouth?” He whispered, the sound of her gasp causing his grin to broaden.

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    Ooooh lol.. well that’s certainly different lol

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