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    How much time are you able to give to this project?

    I am currently free to do as I see fit, I help out my Grand Mother at home, Most of the time I am playing Skyrim and testing out cool mods I have read so much about. I can give as much time that is needed to write. I would enjoy being a part of the project if possible, even if not I would still love to be able to say I tried anyways. I also spend long hours awake my time, so I do have time to do things, like writing and finding a new love in Skyrim.

    Why do you want to join this project?

    Well I have played through Skyrim Romance Mod several times and found it to be one of the best mods I have played so far. It was well mad and well written, I wanted to give writing for Forbidden Love, try because I’ve never really done anything that has involved elaborate and detailed writing. I love to write short stories fan fictions and so forth. I really wanted to contribute my writing to something worthwhile.

    What do you feel is your strong suit in writing?

    I’m sometimes picky when it comes to writing, I have to read my stories about 15 times before I have ever published anything. Most of my work was placed long ago on Deviant art, I long since stopped. I try to make all of My character’s in stories and fan fictions as real as I know how, if there is some way to improve I am open to suggestions and pointers. I take the time to think from their perspective, try to decide what they would do in a given situation, and what their reaction and stand point would be.

    I would try to make an impact on the character’s personality and well as anyone character that would join the scene and it would be reflected in the overall development of each personality I write for. I find it better to have certain events that are unique to each background during a story. Sometimes I like leaving the reader spellbound if possible. Like wondering what would happen next, or if fear or raw emotion would be applied, like a cliff hanger. Sometimes I like to make it where the reader is emotionally involved and has the same emotions the character does. Feels what they feel and so forth.

    I sometimes find myself as my own character in a story, I laugh with her, cry with her and feel her pain when she is injured. I can sometimes or always put myself into the shoes of my own character as well as others, I am very open minded, and have no objections to sinister and completely evil plots, Gay romances and bisexual romances are always an option option as well as I myself am a Bisexual female.

    Will you speak out if you feel someone else’s writing doesn’t fit?

    No, not unless it was completely warranted, I hate criticizing people, as well all make mistakes, I am not comfortable with telling others how things are. I would rather leave that to someone who can navigate the situation better than myself. If the writing affected my character personally and didn’t fit I would try to suggest a possible solution rather than criticize someone or tell them they are wrong. First off their writing is not my own, therefore I have no business telling them anything. If something about their writing is misunderstood I will ask directly what they meant or had in mind when writing. A Better understanding if you will.

    What is your past experience in writing?

    I’ve been writing fan fiction’s, poetry, short stories and a novel since high school. I was published as a poet during those years. I’ve taken some creative writing classes, at Central Vo-tech and have a Certificate of Achievement for that class. My Novel however is a work in progress that I will likely never publish, is over 250 pages and 52 chapters.

    Eoran: Perhaps your chieftain will find it wiser to open your doors for me.

    Alar: [whining] Don’t let him in, Chief, he just wants to detain all of our booze and report us to the…what were they, Robin? Fall more?

    Robin: Yeah, THALMOR. If the rumours are to be believed then they’re the ones who tried to wipe us out. And I always believe those rumours.

    Cole: So is it true then? This guy is the ancient guy who killed like…like… EVERYONE?! *grinning* Woah!

    Cael: What is going on here? Who is this?

    Anu: It’s Eoran, that half elf we keep hearing so much about. His camp just got slaughtered and who’s the nearest village? Lucky us!

    Helvi: I have heard of the half-breed’s prowess but he is a trespasser caught on our borders. A patrol is a patrol, Chief, we are not an orphanage to take in every straggler.

    Eoran: Can I not tell my own tale?

    Alar: Nah, we don’t like how you look down at us.

    Eshne: I can vouch for this man. He fought for my father and generations before him. Eoran is as much an unsung hero as your father, Cael.

    Alar: Still think he’s gonna steal the booze.

    Eoran: I have fought on sides of too many wars that I wish I did not remember, but the Forsworn cause is the only one I have ever felt tied to. It was my mother’s. Booze is the last thing on my mind, little bandit.

    Alar: Oho, now I’ve been called a lot of things but “little” ain’t one of them!

    Eoran: I am sure the sheep agree, bandit. What I offer to you, Chief Rudahan, is experience on the field beyond even what the Hagravens can provide. I could have gone to any other village but I hear you are the only one with a level head these days.

    Cael: Very well, but yours is not the only opinion I must hear. The Dragonborn has saved this village to the point that she is as much a part of it as I am.

    [open dialogue]

    Cael: Well? What do you think of our guest’s proposition? Should he stay, or should he be sent away? You opinion holds as much as my own. You trusted me that day in Markarth. You went against your sharp tounged companion’s words, and released me My Sparrow.

    1) DB: Eshne is our wisest woman. If she says he’s to be trusted, who are we to argue. We can at least give him a chance to rpove his words as well as Eshne’s, But we will damn well keep an eye on him, I don’t trust my own kind.

    2) DB: *sighs* … It’s not like we don’t have an entire village of skilled well trained hunters that could kill him at a moments notice. They would have to watch him every moment however, I don’t trust him, and yet I am a high elf as well.

    3) DB: I think we should just kill him and get this over with. I don’t generally kill my own kind as a rule, but I do wish to wake up in the morning, however.

    1) Cael: He may prove to be a danger to us, my love. Have you considered the risk in this? Have you thought of the possibility, that he could be here to kidnap you and deliver you to the Thalmor?

    2) Cael: So you agree to let him into our family? Our home? What if he is Thalmor, then what? What if he is deciving us, waiting to destroy us all?

    3) Cael: My sparrow, if what he says is the thruth, he could be useful to us. He could be an asset to the tribe.

    1) DB: Yes, but if he’s telling the truth, we can’t just turn him away. But, he will be under constant guard. If he is not, then I don’t sleep again until he is trusted worthy or dead.

    2) DB: If he does, I will be the one that puts him down, puts him into his grave. I will not have my home destroyed, or my family slaughtered like animals.

    3) DB: Or he could be one that slits are throats as well slumber for the night. OR the one that takes us hostage to the Thalmor, so they can torture us then murder us. Or rape us females? No, Cael My love he dies.

    1) Cael: As always, you see the best in everyone and everything, even your own kind. As you have spoken, I will respect your choice, Dragonborn. This outsider will be watched closely, he harms anyone he dies.

    2) Cael: *laughs* Very well, My Sparrow. I trust your judgement and I trust you. Its hard to trust others of your own kind, sometimes. Of course being an Elven Warrior with dragon’s blood can not be easy.

    3) Cael: He would die instantly if he hurt you, my sparrow. I would never let anyone, Thalmor, Forsworn or anyone hurt you or otherwise cause harm. However, I will not let a chance to strengthen our clan pass us by. But I will be cautious and watch this one closely, if he gives me cause I will kill him myself, I assure you.

    [close dialogue]

    1st Outcome

    Cael: My Sparrow, The Dragonborn has spoken. We will allow you into our home and our family, but know this me, my warriors and The Dragonborn will always be watching. You fail to live up to what you promised, or cause anyone of us harm including my sparrow, you will die.

    Eoran: Thank you, Chief. I promise you will not be displeased or disappointed. I will do whatever it is I can and must to protect this clan from harm, even if it means my death.

    [open dialogue]

    Eoran: Thank you, Dragonborn, for even considering taking me into your tribe, I understand your distrust for our kind, the high elves.

    DB: I still don’t trust you, Eoran. But we need allies and we need to watch out for one another. You will never understand why I distrust or dislike our own kind the Altmer. Do not asume anything Eoran.

    Eoran: Indeed. My apologies Dragonborn, But alas your kindness will not be forgotten. Rest assured, I will not fail you or this tribe. Again my apologies for the assumtion, will not happen again.

    [close dialogue]

    2nd Outcome

    Cael: We have spoken and it has been settled. The Dragonborn and I will allow you into our Home and family, but know that we will be keeping a hawk’s watchful eye on you, if The Dragonborn doesn’t trust you, a fellow Altmer, something is wrong.

    Eoran: You are most kind, My Chief. May the Dragonborn’s heart and soul be at ease, may all of your worries be calm, I will protect our home and our brothers and sisters with my very last breath. I vow this to all of you.

    [open dialogue]

    Eoran: I thank you, Dragonborn, for allowing me to prove myself and my words, I will earn your trust in time, thank you for allowing me to live here with all of you.

    DB: You have your work cut out for you Eoran, as I do not trust anyone except my brothers and sisters of this tribe, I trust my dovah brothers and a select few. Now don’t make me or Cael regret our decission to let you stay or be one of us.

    Eoran: Do not fear or worry, I will earn my place, I will earn your trust and respect Dragonborn. You must hae been hurt badly, to not trust our own kind, what happened to you Dragonborn?

    DB: That is none of your concern Eoran, Just know this I was at Helgen when Aludin attacked, those I trusted, Abassador Elenwen, Tullius, they betrayed me. I was to be beheaded with a headsman’s axe and chopping block. That’s all you will know. *growls*

    [close dialogue]

    3rd Outcome

    Cael: I’ve made my decision, with my sparrow’s guidence and words. I will allow you into our home, but if you mean any harm, ill will or anything hostile towards my people, Or to my Sparrow, I will not hesitate to kill you.

    Eoran: Thank you, Chief. I will prove my loyalty to you and the Dragonborn, someday when that is done I hope that you all will accept me as one of your own. I will work as hard as any man or woman, to protect our home and our way of life. I will do this until my dying days, until I have taken my last breath.

    [open dialogue]

    Eoran: Thank you Dragonborn, for allowing me the chance to prove my worth. for allowing me to remain here, to find a home and a place to belong.

    DB: I will make this perfectly clear Eoran, if I feel like you have betrayed us in anyway, pose a threat, or have mistreated anyone here by physical harm or by words. If you have turned us into the Thalmor or Ulfric Stromcloak. ….. I will kill you.

    Eoran: I’m sorry? What was that Dragonborn? Are you serious?

    DB: Excuse me Eoran? If I find out you’re a Thalmor infultrator and or a spy for a Justiciar or Elenwen herself. Or you have given information on our locaton or otherwise to Ulfric Stormcloak, I won’t hesitate to shout you off the nearest cliff into the rocks below, with my Thu’um. You will die Eoran in so many words.

    Eoran: Be easy Dragonborn, i am no spy, nor will I betray any of you to Ulfric Stormcloak. I am no Thalmor, never have been. You will see.

    DB: Words are worthless Eoran, action is proof, but I will be watching you like a hawk Eoran, I don’t trust you, but for our Chief, My heart I will give you the benefit of the doubt, cross me or betray me Elf and you will surely die a death most horrible.

    [close dialogue]

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    but what if your dragonborn was a nord or khajiit? or if you were added by a mod like Ningheim, Norial, or Lunari


    lol just thought i’d ask

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    I never could bring myself to play a Khajiit, I love the Cat’s don’t get me wrong, I just never could play one even though I have tried several times. I know that Ningheim are Ancient Nords or so I have told or read on a mod. And I have played Nords mostly. I would make sure the Outcomes and such fit each type of Character actually. Hey by the way, thanks for asking the question, I had thought of various outcomes for the different races. Each response would be unique to each character played.

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    lol no problem and thanks for clearing that up (i play Dagi-Raht and Ningheim races so i was wondering lol)

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