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Armor for 3.0

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    First of all, I apologize if this is in the wrong place, I wasn’t sure where to post this.

    So with 3.0 coming soon (yay!!!) I wanted to start working on getting my game ready. But I realized I had a problem. Part of the story in 3.0 is the possibility of your character becoming pregnant. I have found a mod to replace the original armors with ones that show pregnancy, but I like using unique armors. Thus to my question.

    Does anyone know of any good, tasteful, non-skimpy or lore breaking armors that can show a pregnant belly? Or, does anyone have a good guide on how to change armors yourself in bodyslide or another program?

    I would really really appreciate the help, I’ve been having a ton of trouble trying to do this on my own.

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    (sorry this is pretty late)

    I am not aware of any such armors but I believe I can help with bodyslide. It’s pretty simple once you get used to it.

    First of all, would you prefer UUNP or CBBE? The former is my own preference but both have some really good armors for them.

    After downloading Bodyslide and picking the body of your choice  check the RaceMenu morphs, as it allows them to appear in-game. I recommend checking the pre-build morphable bodies as you’re able to customize them further via RaceMenu.

    After downloading and enabling bodyslide go the CalienteTools in your data folder, open BodySlide folder and run BodySlide.exe. There you’re able to pick and customize the body of your choice. In the Outfit/Body tab you’re able to see all the bodies and outfits you’re able to integrate into your game. Below is the Preset tab where you’re able to choose the body you want to use in the game. The sliders allow you to modify the body further.

    Once you’re done check ‘build morphs’ and click ‘Batch Build’ to morph all your armors at once. It will build every armor that’s been checked in the new window that opens. After clicking ‘Build’, you can choose either non-HDT, HDT, Special or NeverNude, depending on your preferences.

    Some good lore-friendly armors:


    The Book of UUNP (some armors are skimpier than others though)

    TCf Vanilla Skyrim Bodyslided (pretty much the only one for vanilla armors and clothes)


    Vanilla Outfits BodySlided for armors and OCR for clothes

    If you like Immersive Armors , this refit works for either body.

    Nexus has many other bodyslide-compatible armors. There tend to be more for CBBE but UUNP has been pretty popular as of late.

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    I’m using UUNP and I downloaded The Book of UUNP because I did find out that the armors I was trying to edit do not have bodyslide files. I downloaded the bodyslide files for Book of UUNP but I can’t preview the armors in bodyslide and nothing shows up in the pop-up window when I click Batch Build. I’m using Nexus Mod Manager to download and install bodyslide and all other mods. Help please?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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