Merry Christmas Roleplay Party!!!

You are all hereby invited to attend the Christmas Roleplay Party! It's going to take place on December 4th (tomorrow) at 12:00pm/noon Pacific Time same as the last RP party of this year! Please come

A Spoiler and an Astronomical Audition

This blog is directed to covering just our projects, but this subject connects to ours in multiple ways. What I love about BioWare's RPGs is that even though you're forced to tell one kind of

Happy Birthday Avis!

Another birthday in the same week! It only adds to the awesome these 7 days are. Particularly with the trailer landing tomorrow! This time it's the special day of someone the team has been thankful

Happy Birthday to Bishop’s Voice!

Today's the birthday of River Kanoff and to express our wishes and thanks the team all came together for this very sombre and well-phrased video of utmost sincerity...   Pffft, HAPPY BIRTHDAY RIVER!

Drawing Competition – Bishop as a Father

 With the closure of our first monthly competition, and a big congratulations to @ariella, comes the announcement of our second.   The contest is for drawing and the prize is a custom short story written

Chatroom Comics!

One of the funnest things about the website is the amazing chatroom!  We've got comics that show what fun everyone has and real conversations between famous Role Playing Characters. Comics Drew by Avis Comics constructed by

Romantic Screenshots Competition

Yes, this post may come on the day of April Fools but I assure you, it is most definitely not. With the announcement of monthly competitions on our new page comes not only the competition